CannesLions2012: Playlist 2:Great Stories Start in Cannes

19 Jun,2012

A marketing campaign “Great Stories Start in Cannes” by The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where we hear different experiences and personal stories that have had an impact on some of the industry’s most familiar faces, stories which are uplifting, intimate, encouraging or even life changing. We get you some videos from Great Stories Start in Cannes.



1. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Sylvia Vitale Rotta: Sylvia Vitale Rotta, Chief Executive Officer of Team Creatif, talks about the moment she realised that Cannes’ reach extended around the globe. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
2. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Rei Inamoto: AKQA’s Chief Creative Officer, Rei Inamoto, talks about the power of the Future Lions competition and the moment he reconnected with one of the former winners [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
3. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Jeff Benjamin: Jeff Benjamin, the Chief Creative Officer at JWT North America, explains how being in Cannes can make you realise that people are truly engaging with your work. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
4. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Fernanda Romano: Award winning creative Fernanda Romano talks about the time she was given career advice by Bob Greenberg in Cannes. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
5. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Mainardo de Nardis: Mainardo de Nardis, CEO of OMD Worldwide, talks about how he always stays ahead on his scooter. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
6. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Maria Luisa Francoli Plaza: Maria Luisa Francoli Plaza, Global CEO of MPG, talks about the connections she has made at Cannes Lions. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
7. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Matias Palm-Jensen: Matias Palm-Jensen, Chief Innovation Officer at McCann-Erickson, tells us the story of when he once lost of Lion. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
8. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Dana Anderson: Dana Anderson, Senior Vice-President of Marketing Strategy and Communications at Kraft Foods, talks about why she brings young talent to Cannes. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
9. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Sir John Hegarty: Sir John Hegarty, Founder and Worldwide Creative Director of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, talks about how he and Alexandre Gama started an agency together after meeting in Cannes. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
10. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Jonathan Mildenhall: Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice President of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company, shares how Cannes Lions has helped his career. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
11. Great Stories Start In Cannes – David Droga: David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman of Droga5, shares what Cannes Lions has meant for him. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
12. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Prasoon Joshi: Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman and Regional Executive Creative Director APAC at McCann Erickson, explains how a visit to Cannes Lions with a client inspired some of his most famous work. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
13. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Fernando Vega Olmos: Fernando Vega Olmos, Chairman of the Worldwide Creative Council at JWT, reveals how the reaction to a Cannes Lions entry in the 1980s drove him to work harder. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
14. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Stephane Xiberras: The President and Executive Creative Director at BETC Euro RSCG, Stéphane Xiberras, tells his story of Cannes Lions. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
15. Great Stories Start In Cannes – Eugene Bay: Eugene Bay, the Chairman of VBAT, recalls the impact of winning a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]

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