CannesLions2012: Playlist 1: Seminars (Updated)

19 Jun,2012

In case you missed out on any of the exciting sessions from Cannes Lions, here are some video recaps



1. Lowe + Partners Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe Lintas India, R.Balki and Oscar-nominated Director, Actor, Producer and new media entrepreneur, Shekhar Kapur, present Global India. In this seminar, Balki and Shekhar look at India’s considerable influence on global creativity. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
2. Facebook Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: The best advertising motivates people to talk about it. As we see media orienting around social interaction, understanding why people talk, and what they talk about, is becoming increasingly important. Many of the assumptions we had about how people influence each other are proving to be incorrect. We’re learning that most sharing happens between small groups of close friends, and that people wielding a large degree of influence over many others are much rarer than we thought. Paul Adams, Global Head of Brand Design at Facebook, talks in depth about these patterns of behaviour, and why what we’re seeing is the greatest creative opportunity of our generation. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
3. Leo Burnett Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Leo Burnett – Turning DATA Into an IDEA– Our world is full of data, and it is increasing by the nanosecond. How do we take that learning and decode and distill it into powerful ideas that connect with people and create real value in their lives? Join Leo Burnett for a global look at the data of today and tomorrow and how to turn it into an idea. Speakers: Mark Tutssel, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett, Marcello Magalhães, Partner, Strategic Planning Vice-President, Leo Burnett Tailor Made and James Kirkham, Managing Director, Holler. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
4. YouTube Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: See and hear from artists and performers who are using YouTube to break new creative ground and connect with audiences on a global stage. Hear directly from YouTube on how the world’s video platform is seeing a wave of creative innovation from thousands of creators from all over the world. Speakers: Damian Kulash, Singer, OK Go, Lucas Watson, Vice-President of Global Sales and Industry Marketing, YouTube, Tom Eslinger, Digital Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal USA and Matt Elek, Managing Director, VICE EMEA. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
5. MOFILM Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Join the debate on ‘Democratisation of Content’ as David Alberts, Chief Creative Officer of crowdsourcing agency MOFILM, leads actor/director Forest Whitaker and Brian Message, Co-manager of Radiohead, in discussion about how these transformations are profoundly changing the reality of communication. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
6. Microsoft Advertising Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Join gamer, technology buff and Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft, Chris Capossela, as he walks us through the latest technology bets Microsoft is making through leading products such as Windows 8, Xbox and Skype, and how they will evolve the way consumers, technology players and marketers see the role of devices in their lives. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
7. The Guardian Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: The Guardian – Redrawing Boundaries: Pushing the Limits of Creativity– Zaha Hadid, Architect, Founder, Zaha Hadid Architects discusses her work and addresses the challenges that face architecture and urbanism in the 21st Century, where clients are increasingly calling for more radical solutions, from a much broader group of institutions that have strong willingness to innovate. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
8. Innocean Seminar at Cannes Lions: Speakers, Mark Ronson, Producer, Songwriter, DJ Tom Pettus, Vice-President, Creative Director, Innocean, Nick Davidge, Executive Creative Director, GreenLight and Amir Bar-Lev, Director in a discussion on ‘Innocean – RE:GENERATION Music Project: The Evolution of Brands and Artists in the Creative Process‘. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
9. Ads and Arts Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: JR, a 2011 TED Prize winner whose wish is to use art to turn the world inside out, is gaining a worldwide following for art installations that provoke powerful reactions. Listen to his views on when the worlds of Art and Advertising can co-exist – and when they can’t. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
10. Nike & R/GA Seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers, Stefan Olander, Vice-President of Digital Sport, Nike and Bob Greenberg, Chairman, CEO, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA engage the audience in a session on ‘Building a new ecosystem for consumer experience’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
11. Adobe seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: ‘Is Data Killing Creativity?’- A panel explores how data and creativity are both competing and coexisting in advertising and marketing today. Speakers: Ann Lewnes, Adobe; Jim Stengel, The Jim Stengel Company; Jon Vein, MarketShare; Linus Karlsson, McCann New York and London. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
12. The Huffington Post seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Arianna Huffington, President, Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group and Roy Sekoff, President and Co-creator, HuffPost Live; Founding Editor of The Huffington Post speak on ‘Tapping the Zeitgeist: The Participation Revolution, Unplugging to Recharge, and Tweeting Our Way to Compassion’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
13. JWT seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Jordan Casey, Programmer, App Developer Caine Monroy, Creator, Caine’s Arcade, Adora Svitak, Author, Teacher, Activist, Jeff Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer, JWT North America, Nirvan Mullick, Director, Caine’s Arcade and Bryant Ison, Senior Brand Manager, Band-Aid Brand engage in a session on, ‘Junior Worldmakers- What can 3 kids tech you about creativity?’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
14. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: A session on ‘Can Your Idea Change the World?’- Tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges requires the world’s best creative thinking. Speakers: Tom Scott, Director of Global Brand and Innovation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jason Aramburu, Founder, CEO, re:char and Antonio Avila, Associate Professor, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
15. SapientNitro seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: A session on ‘Global Brands Vs Global Celebrities: Who’s the Smarter Marketer?’ with speakers, Omar Epps, Actor, President, BrooklynWorks Films; Vice-President of Entertainment, BeeYoo New York, Darren McColl, Vice-President, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, SapientNitro and Freddie Laker, Vice-President, Global Marketing Strategy, SapientNitro. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
16. Visa & TBWA seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers, Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing, Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, Visa, Patrick O’Neill, Executive Creative Officer, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, LA, Timo Lumme, Managing Director, IOC Television & Marketing Services Nadia Comaneci, Gymnast, Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Rupal Parekh, Agency Editor, Ad Age discuss and debate in a session on, ‘The Making of a Global Olympics Marketing Campaign- The Right Approach, Right Message, Right Time’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
17. Contagious seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: A session on, ‘Better with The Brand’ where Contagious examined case studies from across the globe that show how the world’s most innovative marketers are contributing to this emerging culture of value, enterprise and creative generosity. Speakers: Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-Founder, Editorial Director, Contagious Communications, Will Sansom, Consultant, Contagious Communications and Katrina Dodd, Editor, Consultant, Contagious Insider. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
18. China Advertising Association Presents GroupM & Renren at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Bessie Lee, CEO of GroupM China and Joe Chen, Founder and Chairman of Renren engage the audience in the session, Social+Mobile+China: Navigating the Biggest Land-Grab in Advertising History. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
19. Goviral seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speaker Rene Rechtman, Head of AOL Advertising International; CEO of Goviral talks about ‘Engaging Generation Social’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
20. ZenithOptimedia seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Steve King, Chief Executive, ZenithOptimedia Worldwide, Stephen Messer, Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman, Collective[i] and Simon Rogers, News Editor, The Guardian; Editor of in an engaging session on’ Live Information is Beautiful’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
21. TextAppeal seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Elliot Polak, Founder, CEO, TextAppeal and Cindy Gallop, Ex-chairman of BBH New York; Founder, CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld talk on ‘Culture Shocks: Porn, Youth and Brands’. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
22. thenetworkone seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: Speakers Julian Boulding, President, thenetworkone, Tom Beckman, Executive Creative Director, Partner, Prime PR, Stone Shaodong Lei, Chairman, President, 180 China and Carlos Holemans, Founder, CEO, El Laboratorio talk on ‘The Independent Agency Showcase’, a seminar featuring inspiring work and challenging views from some of the leading independent agencies in the world. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]
23. Globe and Mail seminar at Cannes Lions 2012: A seminar on ‘GSP@Cannes: Turning a Fighter into a Brand’ with Speakers, Barbara Smith, Director, Brand Engagement, The Globe and Mail, Georges St-Pierre, Mixed Martial Artist, UFC World Champion, Justin Kingsley, Vice-President, Strategy, Partner, Sid Lee and Mary Maddever, Vice-President, Editorial Director, Brunico Communications. [youtube width=”300″ height=”169″][/youtube]

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