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15 Jun,2012


By Rahul Kishore


Having been to Cannes twice, I can give you a fair assessment of the place as well as what to do and what you must do.


First of all, the hotel. Try and book a smallish one about 200 metres max from the Palais, since all the action is there, at least in the day time. There are a host of them just behind the Croissiette and they come with nice decent rooms with attached showers and so on. The breakfast is adequate, a lot better than the hotels in Paris, and helps you stock up. One word of advice: the eggs are always cold and hardboiled and you can ask the steward to warm them up. The croissants and coffee are great!


What one needs to do is to head straight for the tourist office which is beside the Palais and closes for lunch. The girls there will fill you in as to whatever there is to do in and around. Book a trip to St Tropez as the ferry does not go daily. It’s a wonderful journey with the French Alps in the background and the trip is a full day one. St Tropez is the home of the bikini, so it looks promising all the time.


The town is a small one and picture postcard perfect. One can take a small trip for 6 euros to Nikki Beach, the Ibiza of this area, and be back in time to catch the ferry back. I think it costs 40 euros return.


Another trip, though a short one is to the Le Marguirite island which costs 10 euros and you can have lunch on or in the sea which is cobalt blue and cold. Lovely pizzas and pasta. Food gets over by 3pm, so keep that in mind.


Now onto the night scene. Old Cannes is totally romantic and one should have dinner there. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the Palais and the church at the top is worth a look. One gets an overview of the harbour with all the yachts in the marina. The food is cheap and so is the wine, cocktails too – about 5 euros each. And if you are lucky, there will be the odd musician singing and playing the accordion. Most people are well-dressed for dinner, so make sure to wear a pair of jeans at least, as that is considered well dressed in ad circles!


The best place to party is the Baoli. It’s a 10-minute taxi ride and costs 10 euros to go and 30 to come back, since one comes back at 4 am. Beware of a short Frenchie with a beard and a black Ferrari with red seats. He picked me up, hit on me and nearly got hit by me. I had to feign a headache and he dropped me off midway to the hotel. I had a long walk back to the hotel and saw some 20 people skinny dipping in the sea at 4am. With freezing water, they couldn’t have gotten up to much. But the French will always try!


I used to hit the sack at around 4am, and be up and running on the Marina or behind the main street at 7am. It’s cool, fresh and Europe, one can get by with three hours of sound sleep.


More ideas: Make a trip to Grasse to buy perfumes. There is a factory and a museum, both of  which are worth looking at. The bus costs 1 euro and it leaves from the bus stop next to the station. Next,Monte Carlo. Went there twice. Great train ride costing 40 euros, return. Hop off at Eze and explore. Take the bus up to the fort and have lunch there. Then come back and continue on to Monte Carlo. While there: walk on the race track; have ice cream sundaes opposite the casino; and make a trip to the place. It’s worth it… and walk, walk and walk… the editor of this site died doing it, but it made him a better person!


If you have the bucks, then the casino is just right…I didn’t waste any time on it. You can extend your train ride toS an Remo in Italy. Twenty minutes away, you’ll find a large market, lovely Maserati police cars and no passport required. The food is great. Have lunch and come back for that ice cream sundae in Monte Carlo. The sun sets at 9pm, so all is safe.


There is some shopping in Cannes. There is a Zara, and a small market where one gets amazing gift items and clothes. All cheap. Friday is the food and antique bazaar day near Mcdonald’s which wraps up by 10am, so one should make a trip. The fruits and fish are amazing. Also check out the bakery. You will fall in love with it.


All in all it’s a great place to visit, too much to do, and yes, the dull ones do manage attend a few sessions there as well. I am told, there are some pretty good and informative sessions this year. Me? Did the Zuckerberg one. Got bored to tears. But the good thing is, in Cannes, you can.


PS: If you are the type who wants loads of fun and with the prospects of happy endings, mail me at rahulkis[at]


Rahul Kishore is senior vice-president, Mogae Media


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