Anil Thakraney: You can’t curb the Net, Mr Minister!

11 Jun,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Do you know what is similar between terrorism and technology? It’s impossible to control either. You can do all you can to put curbs on them, but these folks will eventually find a way to outwit you. We have all heard about how a banned terror outfit in Pakistan simply changed its name and returned (literally) with a bang. The same thing is happening with the movie download sites that were recently blocked. The pirates have changed the site URLs, and are back in roaring action. I am not kidding about this… you can download the latest Bollywood film, Shanghai, which got released only this weekend! Such is the audacity of technology. Which is why this whole ‘site blocking’ business is a bloody sham.


Likewise, you will recall, very recently, the portly Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Shri Kapil Sibal, was threatening to curb the social media. What triggered the mantri’s outrage was not that people where generally misusing freedom of expression, but that some sods had been busy illustrating funny cartoons of his bosses, Soniaji and Manmohanji. So, not law and order, but loyalty seems to be at the core of Sibal’s anger. Well, the debate immediately died down because as Sibal (and everyone else) knows: It’s just not possible to gag technology. It’s seamless and flows like a river across the world, continuously re-inventing itself.


In a sense, I suppose it’s a battle between the old world and the new world. The old worlders, used to living a controlled existence, aren’t able to deal with the rapidly changing world. And the new world, armed with its technology weapon, is determined to smash the shackles the old world is desperate to impose. And this is one battle the oldies are bound to lose. Because technology has outsmarted them. And sooner the fossil ministers of India accept it, the better. Now there’s no going back.


So deal with it, people! This is the new world order. Where videos, opinions, news, cartoons, etc, flow like a smooth stream, across the globe. And no dam will be able to control their movement. The various mantris only make fools out of themselves when they talk about curbs. They should instead spend all their energies monitoring terror activities. Though even there they will find the going very, very difficult.


* * *


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3 responses to “Anil Thakraney: You can’t curb the Net, Mr Minister!”

  1. Lohil says:

    Can’t control terrorism… Can’t control the Net… Why bother, then? Just get out of the way of people who believe that laws apply to all, wherever they are, even on the Net!

  2. Himanshu says:

    What underscores both terrorism and technology are PEOPLE…

    As long as there is a critical mass behind something, one should safely forget about curbing it. Unfortunately what substitutes critical mass are unscrupulous means which are employed to achieve a specific end (say terrorism or enforce dictats…eg. means used by medieval rulers to curb uprisings).

    So any attempts at blocking something are nothing but unscrupulous means…

    Let there be light and let the wisdom of crowds prevail…Amen

  3. The UPA govt is need of a desperation diversion from its ‘oh-so-large- corrupt-demeanour’. This is their latest strategy.

    Why don’t they learn to move with the times? They only move with crooks.