AdStrat: Zarvan Patel, ideas@work, Jumjoji -The Parsi Diner

17 Jun,2012

Zarvan Patel, Founder,  ideas@work


Name of the Campaign: Jumjoji-The Parsi Diner


The Brief:

“We’re starting a real Parsi restaurant with real Parsi food with real Parsi recipes from real Parsi homes, what do you think of the name CrazyBawa?” was the brief given by Boman Irani.


Research insights:

Parsis are renowned eccentrics – quirky and idiosyncratic, they’re crazy about their food, they’re crazy about their drink, their bikes, Zubin Mehta, Sam Maneckshaw, filing lawsuits, cursing in languages they can barely speak, and are often caught laughing raucously at themselves, which just goes to show: Parsis are cuckoo.


The thought process behind the creative: How do we finish this campaign in time for happy Hours?


Media vehicles chosen:

Personal invites, e-mailers, Facebook, posters, internet, select foodie magazines and the Parsiana


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

No one has ever been offended by a Parsi’s use of foul language or eau de cologne, in fact, they’re usually belly up, rolling on floors with laughter.


Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

We ran the ads through the rigorous wringer of research and there was an overwhelming response of ‘Chalse Dikra’, and ‘tamharo kai aur kaam nathi?’ Translation: ‘Don’t you have anything better to do?’


What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ads?

They were created by a team of 2 authentic Parsis and 6 surrogates who all wore sapats.


Market and client feedback

What began a couple of months ago as a 24-seater, by-appointment-preferably restaurant, is now poised to expand into the Parsi owned garage next door, this will add on another 30 seats and give guests the authentic Parsi pleasure of polishing a motorcycle at no extra cost.


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