AdStrat: Honda – Rush Hour

25 Jun,2012

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom


1. Name of the Campaign: Honda – Rush Hour


2 The Brief:

The task at hand was to carry forward Honda’s global slogan – The Power of Dreams – in the Indian two-wheeler market. The brief was to create synergy with the Indian ethos, and structure communication that understands and empathizes with the dreams of every Indian. This would be the foundation stone to building a brand that every Indian can relate to and be the most accepted by the year 2020.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”225″][/youtube]

3. Research insights:

Indian consumers are nurturing dreams and they want to fulfill them. They are more of doers than dreamers. They want to do their dreams.


4. The thought process behind the creative:

India is in a hurry. All of us want to fulfill our dreams fast. Honda is all about the Power of Dreams. Soichira Honda had said ‘products don’t lie’. And what a good thing it was to say. So we interpreted the philosophy of Power of Dreams in an Indian context. In India , we are not dreaming. We all have done our share of dreaming. Now is the era of doing the dreams. We have set out to fulfill the dreams, each one of us. And the creative layer we have added is the fact that we are all in a hurry. We all want to make them happen. Sooner than later. That is the core thought behind the creative.


5. Media vehicles chosen:

TVC, Print, Outdoor, Digital


6. Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

It had to be real as against staged. We wanted to capture real India rushing out of homes to chase their dreams. In the process, sacrificing breakfasts, lunches and sleep. So we tried to keep it real. The casting and the location was not pretty or beautiful. It was supposed to a bit photo journalistic.


7. Does the treatment do justice to the brief?

You tell us.


8. What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad?

The ad looks global and yet very India. It’s got a fresh take on India. The fact that the country is in a hurry. That stands out. Also, the use of celebrity is not to just look good or do some stunts. He has a message that rings true to every Indian and comes from his own experience.


Compiled by Shubhangi Mehta


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