The Anchor: Sudarshan Banerjee on 5 things an agency must always do (according to the client)

09 May,2012

By Sudarshan Banerjee


Make the logo bigger. Always!

It’s the client’s brand. That is the brand’s identity. The client isn’t paying for your creative aesthetics or for your smart headlines; he is paying so that every customer recognizes that logo of his. Also, the client research shows that people understood the message in the last ad, but missed the brand name. Just Do It.


White Space. What ‘white space’ ?

Do you know the price per square centimeter for that elusive space? Even the newspaper guys moved it away from column centimeter to make more money by not having any gutter space. You say that you need a full page ad to get the message across? Sure – but ensure that space is well utilized by filling every bit of it with the information the customer has to know to make a rightful decision in favour of the brand.


How can this Ad be in English?

Do you realise that this is an important inside right-hand page position in the No.1 Hindi broadsheet daily, by average issue readership, amongst house-wives aged 25-45 in the Hindi Speaking Markets?  Didn’t they teach you that there has to be a connect between the Medium and the Message.


The Sales team needs to buy into it!

The client’s have had enough of your Brand Onions & Potatoes; they’ve had enough of those brand prints you made for them using footage from films & other ads. They want Their Ad, meant for Their customers, that Their sales people can show Their dealers by carrying the release schedule and waiting patiently at Their showrooms, crowding around the TV, waiting for that 10 seconder RODP spot to come through. So yes, use Priyanka Chopra in it.


Where is the ‘link’?

Hold it right there. Don’t pull that fast one about that 1984 Apple commercial with that running woman who throws a giant iron-ball at the screen; that ran just once during Super bowl, blah blah. There’s no Link to it. There has to be a link to the older commercials or the ones in the category, what consumers will like & dislike. So, in case of this particular TVC, the branding scores are low, you need to revisit the story-board.


Sudarshan Banerjee is Director Business Development – DDBMudra Group; EVP & Head DDBMudra, Ahmedabad


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