The Anchor: Sevanti Ninan on 5 things she’d like to change about journalism today

16 May,2012

By Sevanti Ninan


1. Its idea of what constitutes national

Delhi and Mumbai.  At a pinch add Chennai and Kolkata, because Mamata and Jaya are there to provide copy.


2. Its notion of public opinion

What Twitter, Facebook and smses on TV are saying.  Get off the computer and hit the streets to find out what’s happening to those who are not on social networking sites? Na, that’s uncool. Besides being too much work.


3. Its notion of the arts

Movies, movies, Bollywood, Bollywood. Regional stars in the field of writing, art, music: confined to the regional press unless they know how to make the scene in Delhi or Mumbai.


4. What makes news

Political spats, crime, scams.  Social issues are for documentary film makers, unless Aamir Khan comes with the package.


5. Its notion of what constitutes progress for both India and Bharat

Sexy industries like telecom and IT. Education reporting means tracking the IITs. Health coverage means celebrity cancer. Primary health centres and anganwadis-what’s that and where would I find them?


Sevanti Ninan is Editor, and Columnist, Mint


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