The Anchor: Pratap Bose list 5 reasons why awards are important

03 May,2012

By Pratap Bose


1. It goes without saying that awards recognize good work. If an agency fares well at award functions, it is definitely recognized by clients, giving itself an option of fluffing its feathers.

2. By actively participating in awards, an agency gets an edge over the other agencies in terms of attracting talent. ‘Award Friendly Agencies’ manage to get better talent.

3. If an agency is a part of an international/worldwide group, it builds credibility for itself around the network. Awards help an agency be known by every client everywhere.

4. Awards create healthy competition internally within different teams which leads to overall quality work by setting and breaking benchmarks internally.

5. If an agency manages to win awards not just for creative work but for other departments as well it comes across as a holistic agency.


Pratap Bose is COO, DDB Mudra Group


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