The Anchor: Mansi Sapre on 5 reasons why dubbed Hollywood movies work in India

10 May,2012

By Mansi Sapre


1. Growth in channels based on international content – movies, kids animation, infotainment, sports has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. This phenomenon is thanks to Indian audiences’ increasing exposure to, and appetite for, superior content, world class talent, international glamour, authenticity and production values far superior to most local content.


2. Hollywood movies, when dubbed in Hindi or other Indian languages, reach higher number of audiences than in their original version, making them more mass. Dubbed TV channels carve out a healthy share of TV viewing from both English language channels and Hindi movie channels.


3. Cultural bias against dubbed content has become passe – with Hollywood studios releasing prestigious titles in Indian languages and English channels (Infotainment/ movie channels) subtitling their content, people have accepted the need of localization of international content.


4. Creative and meticulously localized dubbing – led by channels and resulting in maturity of dubbing industry has ensured quality of viewing experience without compromising on accessibility of language that dubbing brings to viewers.


5. All the above has led to a strong brand identity of dubbed channels and advertiser interest in the same.


Manasi Sapre is Director Programming and Acquisitions, Movie channels UTV


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