The Anchor: Manish Bhatt on 5 myths people have about an independent agency

23 May,2012

Manish Bhatt

By Manish Bhatt,Founder Director,Scarecrow Communications Ltd.


Myth 1: Independent agencies are the land of scamsters

Just like the world thought India is a land of snake charmers and elephants… We think every man in Jaisalmer wears a turban and has royal mustaches and a parting beard… People who haven’t visited the South of France always think that every beach of French Rivierais a nudist beach… People think independent agencies are the breeding grounds and shelters for scamsters. Dear Scamsters, beware… The creative department of Independent agencies are not governed by Global Creative Council in Chicago. Neither by those aspirant NCDs who want to score high in Cannes by indulging in some scams, so that he or she can attend the next global creative council meeting in the exotic destinations like Sao Paulo, Santa Clara or Jamaica.


Myth 2: Independent agencies are cheap

The Network Agency with presence in 24 countries and 100 offices across the world can charge premium. But thinking that Indian independent agencies with presence in 2 cities are cheap to hire – if this is true, then buying clothes from Big Bazaar (with around 1,000 stores across cities) should be more expensive than clothes sold at Versace or Armani with 2 city presence.


Myth 3: Independent agencies are small creative hot shops

If size would have always been proportional to the potential of things, then microprocessor chips would have never got invented. In 2 years’ time, Scarecrow has 2 offices, 50 people, a separate Design division, an Art Gallery, more than 25 brands across 4 cities, will you call us a creative boutique or a full service agency?


Myth 4: Independent agencies can never attract MNC brands

When an Indian can buyout global brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover, why can’t an Indian independent agency attract global brands? Look at Pepsi working with Taproot, Audi with Creativeland Asia and we at Scarecrow working with MNC Brands like Nestle, Eristoff (Bacardi), Viacom, Danone, Anchor Panasonic and Barclays.


Myth 5: Independent agencies can never attract great talent

People with good taste always prefer to stay in an isolated cottage, a countryside vs  a multi-storied apartment in the hustle bustle of the city. That’s why we have one of the best design minds of the country like Kapil Tammal in our Mumbai office and Andy at Delhi office – the man behind ‘Mein aur meri Maggi’ campaign.


Manish Bhatt is Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications Ltd.


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