The Anchor: Mahesh Ranka on 5 reasons for watching sports live in the stadium & on TV

28 May,2012

5 reasons for watching sports live in the stadium as a regular FAN … not the AC/Corporate boxes type


1. Well, the experience

…. The noise… the atmosphere…. The crowd … the Mexican wave – it is unmatched in many ways. Of course, it depends from sports to sport. Like F1 is all about the fraction of a second “darshan” of the car and the vrooooom, Cricket is about being by your team and screaming your lungs out for them…..


2. Closer to stars

If luck favours, you end up meeting, clicking a snap, talking to the stars…professing love that otherwise seem so distant. Usually players are open to talk in the stadium (of course after the game), or calling out to them and their acknowledgement of the same… And it’s always something a sports fan cherishes.


3. I Was There

Key and landmark events become a kind of a HIGH to attend… at the World Cup Finals in 2011 that India won, the 1st Airtel Indian Grand Prix, watching Messi play… et al.


4. Gang of friends

It usually turns out to be the best way to be with friends… plan out a before and after the game activity. Argue, comment, pass opinions with friends…. It is a part and parcel of any game and being at the action always creates memories that last (for better usually)


5. Get away with anything… well almost

Where will you have green hair and paint your body with team colours ever … unless of course you are at the stadium… showcase your passion and fanaticism as much as you want….. possibly be shown on national TV…


5 reasons for watching sports on TV, usually at home or a restaurant/pub


1. Never miss action – the way you want

Technology ensures that you don’t miss any part of the game… replays, analysis, numbers on the screen….. control of noise…. All with you.


2. Comfort

No sweating, no travelling, no dust….. just be with family and/ or friends… food… drinks … all flows… and yeah, mini contests within the game played… score, player performance, win-lose, goals, and so on….


3. Go social

….. Frantic Twitter and FB updates have become a norm for many people and its best done from the comfort of home / pub.


4. Economy

Watching at home ensures you not just save the time but save money. It is far more economical to watch game at home…. Even in a restaurant…you may end up spending less than going to the stadium.


5. Multi sport mix

You’d not miss one action for the other…. Many times back to back or parallel events are being showcased that MUST be watched…. The luxury of switching channels, PiP tech, 2 TV’s etc ensure you are always in the know of all (almost) that’s happening.


Mahesh Ranka is Founder & CEO, Indus Sports and Sponsorship


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