The Anchor: Dilip Cherian on 5 things to keep in mind while building a brand

31 May,2012

By Dilip Cherian


1. Is it unique?

It helps when your product or service stands out from the clutter. It also makes it distinguishable.


2. How do I want people to remember me by?

Can I summarise it in no more than three words? Is your brand distinguishable and easy to understand, and easy to connect to? This requires paring it down to its bare essence. What remains is what your brand really is.


3. Who is at the core of my target audience?

This helps narrowing down on how you want to build the brand. The needs and aspirations of your target audience should define the brand you eventually plan to sell.


4. What do my competitors battle for?

Identifying the core competence of your competitors helps define the space you wish your brand to occupy.


5. Am I easy to pronounce, remember or Google?

In today’s digital world, among other factors, brand success also depends on your brand’s ability to seep into the societal subconscious.


Dilip Cherian is Consulting Partner at Perfect Relations


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