The Anchor: Bruno Goveas lists 5 key trends shaping the internet

17 May,2012

By Bruno Goveas


1. Hyperconnectivity:

There is an explosion of devices that are now connecting over to the Internet. We are living in an increasingly “hyperconnected” world where everyone is online 24/7. Markets are evolving and business models are being replaced. Companies are embracing hyperconnectivity as they realize it is the only way to capture new opportunity and meet the emerging needs of their customers or consumers.


2. Security for Online Businesses:

With the Internet now an important channel for doing business, it’s not surprising that there is a dramatic increase in the frequency, scale and sophistication of web attacks. Hence, there is a critical need for robust web security that will ensure scalable protection from data theft and downtime, and enable extension of the security perimeter outside the data-centre to deal with distributed threats and ensure adequate protection.


3. Enterprise Applications are moving to the Cloud:

With theEnterpriseworkforce becoming increasingly mobile, and businesses expanding into new markets, having suppliers, partners and customers distributed around the world, there is a need to securely deliverEnterpriseapplications anywhere and to anyone, in a cost effective and efficient manner. Businesses are now leveraging the Internet and enabling enterprise application access over the Internet, to effectively reach their employees, customers and partners.


4. Interactive HD quality entertainment over the Internet is now a reality:

Consumers are now demanding access to entertainment from any device, anywhere. Hence there is a need to engage audiences with interactive HD quality video over the Internet, solve the challenges of multi-device consumption and provide the highest quality video experience to all devices.


5. Need for performance with Mobile sites and applications:

With connected mobile devices now ubiquitous, growing exponentially, and their capabilities having developed and matured, there is a critical need to overcome limitations of accessing content over the mobile network and optimizing the content to ensure optimal and vastly improved user experience on any mobile device.


Bruno Goveas is Director of Products- Asia Pacific &Japan, at Akamai Technologies


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