The Anchor: 5 trends to watch out for in e-com in India

24 May,2012

By Suvir Khullar


1. Multiple channels in e-retailing

A variety of SCM models are being created and new methods are evolving daily to procure/deliver products from varied brands/manufacturers. This helps offer a variety of brand and product options to customers with minimal investment in inventory and increase customer stickiness.


2. Customer Service like never before

With the increasing options available online and the easy way to find them, the internet makes customer fickle. This results in websites offering increasing levels of customer service to ensure that their customer is happy – from 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed to Cash on Delivery to 5 minute deadlines to respond to customer queries and complaints.


3. Promotion through Social media

Social Media is gathering force and becoming an important tool for promotion. It reels in the customer with events and stories relevant to the product/ service being offered while informing his friends and colleagues his interests thus enticing them to view the same. Social Media is also giving the customer free rein to comment about his experience and keeping the website on its toes to offer the best service model.


4. Brand Awareness

The e-commerce platform is increasing the awareness of a brand among a large range of customers. Earlier for a brand to gain awareness, it was necessary for them to open an outlet in all major relevant locations. Now the brand outlet can be in a Tier 2 city and service its online customers across the country by showcasing its products online. This will also result in limited mindshare of brand names, as more and more take up space in the customers mind. Unknown brands during the pre e-commerce time will become household names now.


5. Brand Loyalty to Website Loyalty

The loyalty a customer had to his favorite brand has diluted with the advent to tempting deals and offers available across competitive brands. Now depending on the offers and services offered by an e-commerce site, the customers’ loyalty will be held by the site instead of the brand. The product that site offers will become the customers brand basket to choose from.


Suvir Khullar is Founder & Director, Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd.


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