The Anchor: Satish Singh lists 10 reasons why outdoor scores over other media

18 May,2012

By Satish Singh


1. Free Medium – No Cost of Consumption

Unlike any other medium, where you require a subscription or purchase, OOH is free. You need to purchase a newspaper to see an ad in it. One must have satellite TV subscription to cable/DTH to see an advertisement. For OOH, there is no need to purchase anything. It is outside, on the streets and is free for everyone to see, read, understand and there is typically a call to action – like a Short code, Toll free, and so on.


2. Zone Domination Approach

A particular territory could be concentrated with the communication in a limited geographic area to create a domination effect. What we call a roadblock in Radio and TV can be achieved in greater magnitude with this kind of an approach. This leads to the word of mouth and viral scenario along with creation of buzz – which is more likely to give a media multiplier effect – eventually leading to a digital platform discussions on the social platforms.


3. Reach + Frequency

This is the typical Catch 22 one sees in media planning. OOH allows you to circumvent the inherent challenge of the choice between the two, by helping you be there and do that. It is the only medium that will give you the best of the aspects by meeting both at a miniscule portion of what the traditional media would drain the wallet at.


4. Large scale empty canvas

The scale is superb and gigantic. One has the opportunity to create an imaginative thought on the larger than life canvas.


5. Dynamic Visual impact

3D, Motion, Lights, day/night effect, the list is nearly inexhaustive. This is something that is very exclusive to OOH. No other media offers this aspect – be it print, television, social, digital, none. The fanfare around the medium is because of the ability to push your imaginative genius to the limits and beyond. Practically anything and everything can be accommodated in the dimensions of a media unit on OOH space.


6. 24×7

This medium is there for an exposure 24×7. It will be present for a minimum duration of 10 days (as per the local associations in cities acrossIndia) and cannot be missed if a person is late to watch a program or read the newspaper that day.


7. No Avoidance – Virtually No OTS

Because of the size and scale, it is virtually impossible to miss a display in a city and, therefore, we have virtually no OTS. It is as good as MUST SEE.


8. Key Ingredient of LMC

As the studies have proved, the Last Mile Connectivity has most bearing in the actual purchase of the product. This is the time when the POP/POS is preceded by the OOH to ensure the curiosity pull happens to the brand/product and the retail point takes it up from there to ensure a closure of purchase/sale.


9. Region Specific Targeting

The only medium that works better than that of the traditional media is OOH in this area. If you want minimal geographic spillover, this gives you a ZERO spillover. The kind of brands and products that have a certain geography have chosen this medium as the lead medium. Telecom is the finest example for this – every circle has a specific tariff, VAS offering, network and bouquet of services. The best way of communicating about the same is the OOH. Traditionally, the lead medium for the industry has been OOH.


10. Day-part capturing

Media Scheduling is a part of every planner’s life today. Application in OOH is next to impossible. But that thought has been vapourised with the newer and advanced ways of putting up media and removing the same. This enables us to capture the morning, noon and evening parts of the communication that is possible on the same medium without breaking much of a sweat.


All in all, the Out-Of-Home media is a really flexible and robust area of communication and advertising wherein one can expect focussed geographies to be connected, without the risk factors of a traditional print and electronic or any other media which has an OTS. Outdoors is BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL and UNMISSABLE.


Satish Singh is President, Lakshya Media


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