Sania Bhabhi is back on Red FM

18 May,2012

By A Correspondent


Known for its innovations, 93.5 Red FM has got ‘Sania Bhabhi’, a sensuous housewife who considers all cricketers her ‘dewars’, back this cricket season. Last year, the character was introduced by Red FM Delhi to deliver cricketing content in an interesting and entertaining manner. Sania Bhabhi used to have topical conversations with her dewars, in a way that makes the listeners let loose their imagine.


This year she has come back with her wallet full of cash, nicked from her dewars, up for winning through interesting contests. The concept of the show is that Sania Bhabhi knows that all her dewars have earned big bucks, and now she will share that loot with the listeners. For one specified hour in each show on Red FM, she will declare the amounts she’s taken from cricketers. Listeners are encouraged to stay tuned through the hour to know how much money she has given away. The listener who will declare the correct total amount will walk away with that cash prize at the end of the hour.


The activity has already started from April 4 and will stay on air through-out the IPL cricket season till end of May.  Nearly Rs10,000 will be given out as prizes every day.


The campaign is primarily aimed at getting listeners to listen to the station longer, through which they can win big. As such, the off-air media will focus to touch-points, to generate incremental listenership:

  • Posters in pan shops, other relevant outlets in high visibility areas for the primary demographic
  • Slides, ambient media at PVR
  • Facebook activation, with creative and audio downloads from theDelhipage


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