PUMA Social once again focuses on after-hour athletes

30 May,2012

By A Correspondent


Every professional athlete wears a uniform, but what about the amateur athlete. The king of foosball or the reigning champion of darts? PUMA brings fun and irreverence to the sports sphere once again with the launch of ‘PUMA Social,’ a campaign bringing together after-hours athletes from around the world. With this campaign, sport lifestyle brand PUMA takes the next step in bringing the party to the playing field.


The PUMA Social range of clothing symbolises how PUMA fuses sport with lifestyle into everyday life. It is about a distinct lifestyle rather than a specific product. The brand sets out to celebrate the lesser-known games played among friends and the amateur athletes who rarely make the headlines. The PUMA Social campaign is about paying homage to the obscure, bizarre and after-hours games that every group of friends makes up at one point or another.


To complement the popular in-market program, PUMA has launched a mobile extension with the launch of the PUMA Social Cards Mobile Application for iOS devices. Showcasing the distinctive characters that make up the universe of late night revelers, the PUMA Social Cards app comes loaded with pre-designed and customized archetype templates, encouraging After Hours Athletes to unite in celebration of late night and after-hours fun.


The digital deck captures the spirit of social stereotypes, playful party superstars and bar-sport warriors, allowing users to label their friends in the best way possible and share their shots via PUMA.com/Social as well as their own social platforms such as Facebook. At its core, the app is meant to embody the PUMA brand’s philosophy that life deserves to be played and enjoyed with teammates near and far.



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