Parle-G upgrades to Parle-G Gold

17 May,2012

By Tuhina Anand


Parle-G, the biscuit that enjoys the unique position of being the largest selling biscuit in the world, has now launched Parle-G Gold. The variant adds the premium edge to the humble glucose biscuit, which is the USP of Parle-G and key to its success. This is Parle’s second attempt at bringing a variant to Parle-G. The product is targeted at keeping in mind the urban markets.


Giving an insight as to why Parle decided to launch this product now, Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager, Parle Products, said: “In last couple of years, consumers have evolved across markets. The demand of premium category biscuits has gone up and as there was nothing in premium glucose category, we launched Parle-G Gold.”


“The glucose segment has not seen any action or any significant launch in last few years, thus making it a good time to launch Parle G Gold. With the consumer preferences and needs changing with time, we would like to offer them an option of premium glucose biscuit with richer formulation. Parle G Gold offers exactly the same to them. With this new launch we are looking at increasing glucose category by 15 per cent over the next financial year,” he added.


Replying to the question that their earlier attempt to bring in a variant in this segment did not meet with success and talking about how Parle changed their strategy this time to appeal to the consumers, Mr Shah said: “To be a successful product one has to, first, understand the consumers’ requirements. Parle-G Gold will give its consumers a richer and a better formulation along with a bigger biscuit and a better bite. I am sure the new product will do good in the market.”


At this point of time Parle is concentrating on distribution and reaching out to relevant target group. There is no plan for any communication campaign on immediate basis. This product will be placed as premium glucose biscuit in their product portfolio.


The packaging of this new product is done in a hazy BOPP material in a mix of red and gold connoting the premium quality of the biscuit. The colour, design and texture of the packet are clutter breaking, thus appealing to the consumers.


Glucose is the one of the oldest category in the biscuit market, contributing close to 35 per cent in volume to the entire Indian market. Parle-G dominates the glucose segment with 80 per cent market share, catering to every spectrum of the society. The glucose category growth is 15 per cent, which is largely driven by Parle-G.


While the first attempt to bring the premium category in glucose wasn’t met with success, probably the time is suitable now to make this entry as the consumers are more mature and look for greater variety. Also, the other players, especially Britannia with Tiger range, have come out with various variants and met with success.


However, Mr Shah is clear that the move has nothing to do with competition. He said, “We have launched Parle-G Gold to fill the gap in premium glucose category, not because of the competition. Our focus is always to increase the reach and fill the gaps across categories. Keeping in consumer needs in mind we have launched Parle-G Gold.”


Parle G is seen as the most loved brand of glucose biscuit category over the years and ruling the market for more than 7 decades. The overall look of the biscuit is wheatish brown with increased weight of 6.7 gms per biscuit. The new product is currently available in and around Mumbai. The company is planning to extend its presence acrossIndiain a phased manner.


The product is currently available in pack size of 100 grams at Rs10 price point across kirana and modern trade outlets.


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