Nothing can kill brand IPL: Experts

21 May,2012

Indian Premiere League (IPL) was the most-talked about sporting tournament inIndiawhen it started in 2008. From players’ auctions to cheerleaders, the Twenty20 championship caught everyone’s fantasy.


From its inaugural year till today, the tournament has been more than just cricket. It seems that IPL and controversies go hand-in-hand. Slapgate, cheerleaders’ uniforms and Lalit Modi’s case made us wonder if one had seen it all. However, the hand-in-glove relationship the cricket tournament has had with controversies has never stopped. The latest ones – match fixing, SRK-MCA brawl and molestation case – have started everyone talking again, not all of it good. Some even want the IPL to shut down as well.


MxMIndia’s Meghna Sharma spoke to a few media professionals to know if they think brand IPL is losing its value.


Dilip Cherian
Vikram Sakhuja
Josy Paul

Dilip Cherian, image consultant and co-founder Perfect Relations

It’s true that brand IPL has taken a knocking due to current controversies. However, I don’t think it will harm the brand. The recent events just show that the various rules and regulations need to be stricter and implemented well.


As long as crowds go to the stadiums and viewers switch on their television sets to watch the matches, the show will go on. It also brings other brands into people’s mind. Hence, marketers will continue to invest in the tournament.  So, why will the brand die?


Vikram Sakhuja, CEO – South Asia, GroupM

With so many channels and shows, the eye-ball distribution is obvious. But the tournament, so far, has got more TRPs than last four years. This only proves that the tournament is doing well. IPL is alive and kicking and will continue to do so.


Josy Paul, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman BBDO India

IPL is a bhelpuri of entertainment, and not cricket. The more controversies, the merrier it will be for the tournament. Nothing can shake it; controversies and achievements will only increase its sheen. The brand IPL is about entertainment and it is providing the same to its fans.


Kushal Sanghvi, MD, Spiider Digital Hub

The TRPs of this season is around 3, so it is not doing as well. However, the show is big and helps any brand to position itself well across sections. The marketers get visibility so will continue to get associated with it. No controversy can shake it; it will continue to remain huge.


Kamal Nandi, vice-president (sales and marketing), Godrej & Boyce

The stats have gone down, so it is becoming less lucrative to invest in the IPL. There is no doubt that it is a strong brand and will be so – controversies or no controversies. However, marketers will be a little cautious in investing in the tournament is the returns are lower than the investment.


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