No half-truths with Millennium Post: Ganguly

03 May,2012

By A Correspondent


Readers in New Delhi woke up to a new newspaper offering on the morning of May 2. Millennium Post, the all-colour daily was rolled out by Durbar Ganguly – promoted by Frontrow Media – who will act as the Publisher & editor-in-chief of the newspaper.


In fact, the paper is not new and existed in a small way since 2005. Highlighting the takeover from its previous owners Mr Ganguly asserted: “The paper was in existence in a small way in 2005. We have taken over the management and the ownership of the title from its owners. Since much of the ground work for the launch had already been laid, we decided to go ahead with the same title. But having said that, the content, team and positioning would be different from what it previously was.”


Though the team went low-profile with their promotional activities, what is assuring is the positioning that they have zeroed down on, which reads: thinking man’s newspaper. Mr Ganguly said: “We are positioning it as a thinking man’s newspaper. We don’t call it a pro-reach paper – in the sense that if you have breezed through our content you will see that this millennium belongs to the common man. When you say the thinking people they are those who believe in invention, are educated and upwardly mobile, and so on. At the same time, it is not like other large papers such as The Economic Times that are only promoting the cause of big people. So that’s how we plan to be different.”


When asked on how they plan to measure up to the known players who have already made a mark in the capital, Mr Ganguly said: “Honestly, we are not competing in any way with any of the big players and want to create a niche of our own. If you see, people, in general, are getting fed up with the quality of journalism being provided – as I call it, sponsored corporate journalism. They have converted journalism into extension counters of PR activity. So our core focus would be to promote good quality journalism.”


Going a step further with its promise, Mr Ganguly affirmed that one of the biggest positioning stands that it has adopted is ‘No half truths’. “Most papers today do not present the whole fact as it is and that’s what we refer to as ‘half truths.’ Our focus would be to present certain issues that others do not take up at all.”


Alongside its physical presence, the company also plans to lay emphasis on providing content through the web. And the reason for that is rather different too. “We’d really like to promote ourselves in a big way in the digital space because we believe that after certain point of time we wouldn’t be able to expand our paper so much to other areas due to financial limitations. That’s one of the reasons we want to go heavy on the web with our content.”


The newspaper has already found favour with advertisers, who have evinced interest and advertised in the inaugural issue itself. Mr Ganguly said: “The advertisers have been appreciative of our product and have supported us in a big way from the very first issue itself. We are very excited with the initial response that the paper has managed to evoke amongst the fraternity. We have been receiving queries from many advertisers since we launched yesterday and in the days to come you will see an increased participation from their end.”


As of now, the paper would be circulated only in Delhi – the print run of which stands at 75,000 copies. Going ahead, the plan would be to launch it in Lucknow, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar and Chandigarh. But that’s for later; right now the focus would be on establishing Millennium Post firmly in Delhi, affirmed Mr Ganguly.


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