Milestone Brandcom rolls out a widespread campaign for eBay India

30 May,2012

By A Correspondent


Breaking through the OOH clutter, Milestone Brandcom has executed an exceptional campaign for eBay India , the online shopping destination where thousands of manufacturers and merchants list a range of every-day use products, with the best deals.


eBay India is a pioneer of eCommerce in India . At any given time, there are over 6 million live listings on eBay India across 2,000 categories of products. eBay India has, over the years, taken significant steps to strengthen the brand through a mix of Offline/Digital campaigns such as the current ‘want it, get it’ campaign.


The brand communication was targeted at the Indians in the age bracket of 18-40 years. The main audiences being value seeking, shopping enthusiasts who have dreams/wants and are looking for deals and availability of products to fulfill these wants. With a tag line, ‘want it, get it’ the communication was aimed at reinforcing the role of eBay India in everyone’s life.


“If you have a want, we will get you a deal” crisply established eBay India as the one destination to fulfill all the wants.


The media mandate to Milestone Brandcom was to position eBay India as the distinguished website where one could get the best deals on a wide variety of products. In an extremely cluttered outdoor scenario, the core communication objective was to stand out and make a bold impression.


The objective was to drive more customers to the website and make eBay India the hot spot for ‘wants’ to complement all occasions.


“Communicating with such vast audiences, required strategic site selection and fitting media placement. The brand needed to be positioned amongst the masses as a one stop, online shopping destination. The strategy deployed to achieve these objectives was a media burst across key arterial routes and catchment areas, malls, colleges & hangouts. The objective was to build presence and reach amongst key catchment area where the TG would be inherent in,” said Imtiyaz Vilatra, founder member & managing partner at Milestone Brandcom.


The OOH media plan covered 700 media touch points in 3 major metros (Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) and was spread across an assortment of media formats such as billboards, gantries, bus shelters, fuel station branding, pole kiosks, bus side panels, mall facades & metro station media.


To tap into the areas close to markets and malls, various unconventional media formats such as mall facades, fuel and railway station media, bus back & side panels, metro station signages and so on were taken up.


Commenting on the campaign, Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer, eBay India said: “Our recent campaign is congruent with our goal of step jumping e-commerce trial in general and eBay trial in particular amongst shopping enthusiasts across the country. The campaign plays to eBay’s core strength of unmatched variety, illustrating not only the width but also the depth in categories available on eBay India . Through this campaign, we would like consumers to rediscover their eBay shopping experience with greater variety and better deals.”


Campaign Details

Client: eBay India

Cities: Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore. 675 media touchpoints

Media formats used: Besides high reach & frequency media on key arterial roads & busy junctions, the brand communication was around most unconventional media formats to effectively reach the TG. Media formats closer to shopping destinations were extensively and creatively leveraged for maximum exposure and relevant connect – places like fuel stations, metro signages, railway stations, bus backs  collectively invoked shopping enthusiasts with the width and depth in categories available on eBay India.


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