Mediaah! | 6 ways to make Goafest 2013 bigger, better & more purposeful

01 May,2012

By Pradyuman Maheshwari


It’s been a little over a week since Goafest 2012 ended, and even though I wasn’t there personally, detailed accounts from colleagues and friends who were present got me to offer my two-bit. One of the problems which afflicts the Indian trade media is that it doesn’t put up tough observations and posers. Perhaps because the Goafest committee comprises biggies in the business, and it doesn’t want to upset them. But that doesn’t help any one in the long run… and almost all the officebearers will in private agree with these comments.


Here are my 6 suggestions for making Goafest 2013 a finer fest:


1. Get Lowe, or else…

Until last year, we didn’t think too much of the Creative Abbys. And then a toughie organizing committee chairperson in Lynn de Souza and a tougher and determined Shashi Sinha ensured the Creative Abby was cleansed. Now in its second year of being squeaky clean, I think it’s time that the folks at the Abby go that extra mile to ensure Lowe participates. In an interview to MxMIndia editor-at-large Anil Thakraney a few weeks back, Lowe bossman Balki gave us his reasons. Which I thought were very valid, and I would urge the collective brainstrust at the Advertising Agencies Association of India and Advertising Club Bombay to incorporate Balki’s suggestions and get him on board. So get Lowe…. or someone else will.


2. Need for one and all to be there…

Is Goafest attended by all those who matter in advertising and marketing? No, it isn’t. I was trying to compile a list of those who didn’t attend this year, but couldn’t get the time to do it. Perhaps the organisers must. Also, find out who was present only at the Advertising Conclave and not on the other days and ask they Creative and Media Agency folk why some of them came in just to collect their awards. Guess they all had better things to do.

It’s important that Goafest announces its schedule much in advance. Do it now. You know you’ve have it a few weekends before after the Good Friday-Easter weekend, so just let people keep their calendars free. For info: next year (2013), Good Friday falls on March 29.


3. No Jan-Feb…?

Hey, wait a minute before firming Goafest 2012 dates. Goa is forever humid, but April is dehydratingly hot. Even a countless pints of beer aren’t enough to keep you cool. I know there are issues – yearend for some folks and a possible tight schedule of other international awards, but there’s got to be a way out. Goa is a super place… it’s close to Mumbai and Delhiwallahs love to get here anyway. But we’ve got to find a solution!


4. Get the marketers in…


It’s a problem: true blue marketers don’t think much of what happens at a Goafest. Which is wrong, because there’s a lot of good. They just need to be exposed to it once. In fact next year, just as there is an attempt to woo the under-30s, perhaps it would be good to motivate the 40-plus-ers to also head here. Just ensure there’s a good single malt sponsor around J


5. Could we see some serious stuff in?

Sam Balsara’s comment that the Advertising Conclave must see some quality discussion on the business of advertising and the way-forward must be deliberated on. While many of the debates can’t happen in a public forum, some can well be. In addition, workshops, tutorials and assorted classroom sessions on the sidelines would do a world of good. There exist a few already, but carefully thought out ones – and in enough quantity and catering to all stratas – would be ideal.


6. And lastly: plan early.

It’s important to work on Goafest 2013 now. Appoint the key functionaries and agencies rightaway. That way we can be sure of a kickass fest!


A good part of this column is also in MxM’s special print edition for Goafest. Meanwhile, buzz me if you have a story to tell. Confidentiality assured. There are various ways you can reach me: pradyumanm[at], BBM 23050B5D, Gtalk, Twitter @pmahesh and of course the mobile: 98338 76278.


Disclaimer: Although he is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of this site, Pradyuman Maheshwari’s views in Mediaah! are not necessarily those of the rest of the team and And decidedly not those of the sales team 🙂


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