Maxus leads in RECMA qualitatives for April 2012; Mindshare, LMG follow

21 May,2012


By Johnson Napier


Group M agency Maxus is on tops of the much-respected RECMA qualitative evaluation of Indian media agencies in April 2012. While Maxus has scored 17 points, Mindshare has 15 points, whereas Lintas Media has 13 points. Both Maxus and Mindshare have a ‘Dominant’ profile and LMG has a ‘Good profile’. These are cumulative points across four categories.


In competitive pitches, Maxus and LMG are found to be ‘successful’ and Mindshare is ‘stable’.


The RECMA study is done four times a year. In December 2011, the following were the standings: Maxus: 15 points (Dominant, successful), Lodestar UM 13 points (Good, successful) and Madison Media 13 points (Good variable).


And in December 2010, it was as follows: Maxus 17 (Dominant, successful), LMG 15 (Dominant, successful), Madison 12 (Dominant, stable).


When compared over three periods – April 2012 vs December 2011 vs December 2010 – the Benchmark points for the three leading agencies of April 2012 are: Maxus (0), Mindshare (+4) and and LMG (-2). Maxus has had the same points in December 2010 and April 2012, while Mindshare and LMG have seen a change of +4 and -2 respectively.


Ajit Varghese

“RECMA is an important achievement for our agency as it is the only study that is authentic and is backed by numbers. On a global level, it is the numbers that do the talking and we are happy to have been performing consistently well,” said Ajit Varghese, managing director, Maxus. “It gives us an edge over our competitors and shows that we are not just a flash in the pan; that we are a dominant and successful agency. Yes, competition is pushing us to perform harder but we have been successful each time and this can be seen by our consistent performance at the top.”


“Recma is an important benchmark for us as it is considered seriously by most advertisers around the world, ” said Lynn de Souza, chairman and CEO, Lintas Media Group. “It is based on hard facts and data and not like the other studies that are based on perception. Also, the study cannot be manipulated and is therefore genuine to stand by.”


Lynn de Souza

As many as 19 media agencies were ranked in April 2012 with scores from +17 to -9; following a decreasing classification from ‘Dominant’ to ‘Good profile’, ‘Average profile’ and ‘Low profile’. This ranking is combined with a New Business qualification: ‘successful’, ‘stable’ or ‘underperforming’.


This qualitative evaluation has been processed in 40 countries and gathers 14 criteria in four categories:

1- Competitiveness: mainly measured by pitches results over the last three years (including a 2012 trend).

2- Momentum measured by the activity growth, market shares growth over 3 years, new business activity and changes to the top management.

3- Resources in Digital and Diversified Services (outdoor, branded content, entertainment, sponsoring/events, multi-cultural, retail, econometrics, etc.) as well as geographical coverage.

4- Client Profile: number of big advertisers handled, number of local advertisers, share of the 1st client and the 3 biggest (exposure).


“The factors that have led us to achieve such a ranking include our ability in growing in new segments and our ability to retain big clients. Vodafone, Nokia are a few examples where we have managed to retain them despite they belonging to different agencies worldwide,” Mr Varghese added.


Said Ms de Souza: “We are pleased with our current performance at RECMA. We have topped the list of being the most ‘successful’ agency in the criterion of competitiveness,” This was largely due to our aggression in pitching for new clients and our ability to retain most accounts. There was a worry in 2011 when we lost one of our biggest clients in ITC but then we compensated for that loss by aggressively pitching for mid-sized clients and doing that specifically in Tier 2 and 3 towns and cities. Going by our strong performnace , I see ourselves becoming the No 1 or 2 agency at RECMA very soon.”


Mindshare India Leader Ravi Rao was in meetings and not available for comment at the time of writing.


The India Qualitative Evaluation report is the fifth edition, the first one having been released in October 2010. “The key benefit of this study is to provide advertisers a fresh picture of the competition throughout a qualitative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each player, ” said Eudes J. Delfaon, the Paris-based RECMA Founder and Director of Research and Michèle Le Bris, RECMA’s Regional Director APAC in Manila.


“Revised and updated on a quarterly basis, the RECMA domestic reports stand as a powerful benchmark essential to all industry professionals in order to get a good and accurate understanding of the media agency landscape and deliver relevant credentials in their presentations,” he added.


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