IPL 5: 38 matches later, ave TVR touches 3.41

04 May,2012

By A Correspondent


The ratings for the first 38 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) season 5 continue to be lower than the previous seasons. According to TAM Sports, CS 4+, All India, IPL 5 delivered a TVR of 3.41 per cent in the 36 matches played so far during the tournament. Interestingly, media planners point out that one of the plus points of IPL5 is that it has been consistent in its ratings, which will lead to better ROI for advertisers.


It may be recalled that first 27 matches of season 5 delivered a TVR of 3.53 per cent and the first 16 matches, a TVR of 3.65 per cent. The inaugural season (IPL1) however continues to remain the highest viewed season with a TVR of a whopping 4.84 per cent. Too much cricket in the past few months,India’s dismal ODI and Test match performance and too many matches in season 5 leading to cricket fatigue are said to be the possible reasons for the low ratings.


Media planners believe that as the tournament progresses, especially towards the semi-finals and the finals, the ratings are expected to further increase. According to Mr Dinesh Vyas, GM, MEC India: “IPL 5 may have been receiving the lowest TVR as compared to the previous seasons, but it is also the only programme on television which has been delivering consistently. Therefore a TVR of 3.41 per cent for the first 36 matches is a good. In fact, now is the time that we will see more and more people viewing IPL matches and the ratings will only further increase.”


Mr R Venkata Subramanian, Senior Director-Investments, MPG India was of the view that one of the plus points of season five is its consistency: “There has been consistency in the ratings which is certainly beneficial for advertisers however the numbers continue to be lower than the previous seasons. Despite some really good matches, the numbers have been low, probably because of too many matches leading to cricket fatigue. Nonetheless as the tournament progresses, I do expect the viewership to grow but, I don’t expect a dramatic increase.”


Source : TAM Sports, Period : First 38 matches of all IPL Seasons, TG : CS 4+ yrs, Market : All India, Channel : MAX


* In IPL 1 one match (47th) was abandoned due to rain
* In IPL 2 two matches (7th & 13th)were abandoned due to rain
* In IPL 4 one match (20th) was abandoned due to rain
* In IPL 5 two matches (32th & 34th) were abandoned due to rain




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