From Hinterland to the fore

14 May,2012


By Ritu Midha


Till India attained its freedom, the Hindi Hinterland was at the forefront putting up a fight to claim freedom for its people. However, things did not really go right for them post-Independence. Though they kept delivering politicians of repute, they lagged behind in the race to strong economic growth.


But that’s history now and the scales have tilted in favour of the Hinterland states that are on path to rapid growth and development. They are no longer destinations of the future; they are destinations of today for marketers, brands and retail outlets. Much of the credit for the good showing goes to improving infrastructure and increasing literacy levels on one side and the explosion of media on the other.


The consumer there has evolved and s/he is much more aware and informed, and is willing to spend. FMCGs always knew the importance of this consumer and have been targeting them with high-end goods such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, computers and automobiles. Each of the states in focus in this edition — Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand – is growing individually as well. There is real opportunity in this wonderful, fast-moving universe.


India as a growth story took many by surprise but as the years passed by, the picture became clearer. The country, now, is in no mood to be pushed to the background again as it is an emerging force and the progression continues. The same holds true of the Hindi Hinterland as well – these are our true-blue emerging markets. Discerning marketers are already there while the rest are on their way.


In the pages of this volume, we have tried to capture the spirit of these states by providing a bird’s eye view of their culture, heritage, cuisine, tourist attractions and more. We have also endeavoured to capture nuances of the changing consumer in these states. The attempt is also to explode the myths surrounding these markets.


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