Dream start for Satyamev Jayate

07 May,2012


By Meghna Sharma


On World Laughter Day, Aamir Khan was able to achieve just the opposite – make Indians wake up to the social evils we only talk about in hushed tones and cry while consuming  the harsh reality we all run away from. The much-awaited Satyamev Jayate premiered yesterday (Sunday, May 6) morning after a well-orchestrated marketing campaign. As expected, the show was a hit among the masses and media personalities. MxMIndia spoke to a cross-section of mediapersons and experts for their reactions to the show – and to know if the show will be able to sustain the hype and curiosity it has generated.


Anita Nayyar

TRPs, no problem

Most media planners are happy with the show – personally as well as professionally. They feel that the show was able to generate enough curiosity by making people switch on their television sets on a Sunday morning and will continue to do so.


“The show had a huge amount of emotional quotient, but the way the issue was dealt in the episode will be able to impact people and many of them will wait for the next episodes too. The way everyone is talking about it, I’m sure that the channel will be able to get its TRPs. Apart from the Aamir factor, the issues being discussed on the mass-reach channel will also help it,” said Anita Nayyar, director (customer strategy), BCCL.


Mediaah! Thank you, Star Plus. Thank you, Aamir Khan

Anil Thakraney: Oprah Khan

Agreeing with Ms Nayyar, another senior media planner felt that that the show has the potential of becoming the highest TRP generator in the morning slot. “It’s an episodic show, so a lot depends on how each episode is produced. The show, though a little over dramatic at certain portions, will catch people’s attention,” said the media planner, requesting anonymity.


The show was telecast on nine channels – of Star the network, Doordarshan and ETV Telugu  and was also dubbed and had subtitles to reach out to various parts of the country.


Chandradeep Mitra, managing partner, Anvention and who is now based in Kolkata, liked the show and felt that even though it is not pure entertainment and deals with uncomfortable topic, it will be a hit among the masses. “The show was telecast with subtitles in Bengali on Star Jalsa, which helped it retain its genuineness. People here are comfortable with Hindi, so language won’t be a problem. After the initial hype, a lot will depend on how it is written and talked about on the social and mass media. Also, the topics will show how the show will do in the future. For instance, the first episode would have an impact on the Hindi-speaking belt,” he said.


Anil Sathiraju

Another media planner who saw the show on Star Plus and a regional channel, Star Vijay, felt that only Aamir Khan will be able to catch people’s attention down south. “It might not catch people’s attention as everyone is expecting, but it’s unpredictable.  Although, one look at the show and one can see that the actor and his team have done their homework well,” said Anil Sathiraju, head – south, Mudra Max Media.


Many also felt that it’s a bold step by an entertainment channel to deal with such a topic and to such an extent. The money spent on the show is no secret. “Aamir is a popular actor, but I don’t think the show will be able to garner the same kind of popularity and following like other weekday prime time shows on similar channels. But hats off to the channel and the actor for taking up such a bold step and deal with social issues no one wants to talk about,” said Sundeep Nagpal, founder director, Stratagem Media.


Marketers’ paradise?

The 10-second advertisement slots for the show were said to have been sold at thrice the usual rates. The main sponsors have already paid a huge sum to be associated with the show. According to the marketers, the tear-jerker has the mass-appeal and the pull.


Lloyd Mathias

The show has been ‘trending’ on Twitter the whole of Sunday and has an ever-increasing number of followers on Facebook too. So, on the popularity front, the show has been able to reach out to its target audience. At least the socially networked intelligentsia for sure.


Former CMO, Tata Teleservices, Lloyd Mathias said that the show is a huge marketing property. “The hype created before and after the show, is a clear signal about the impact it has created. Apart from the Aamir Khan factor, even the issues bieng dealt with have created uniqueness and curiosity.  So, every marketer will be glad to be associated with the show.”


Sanjay Tripathy

Even Sanjay Tripathy, executive vice president – Marketing & Direct Channels, HDFC Life, felt that marketers would be glad to jump onto the bandwagon: “Every show has a certain TG and marketers advertise with them according to their TG. Satyamev Jayate is a show which has appeal across sections – class, age, region and religion. So, even though the show is not at a prime time slot and not a pure entertainer, people will watch it. So, why wouldn’t any advertiser want to be part of it?


More than a tear-jerker

The first episode dealt with the issue of female foeticide – not something people aren’t aware of. Sociologist, human right activists and media commentators are glad that someone is talking about such taboo topics on such a platform. And since, an actor of certain credibility and reputation is bringing it to the masses, there might be some change in the society.


“The portrayal of the issue was sensible and the personal experiences of the three women on the show were heart wrenching. Till now, such topics were only debated by academicians and activists. But now it’s in the public domain. And it has shaken up the people. However, now the concern is, will it be able to find a solution for such highly-prevalent evils of our society? A follow-up is needed so that the show doesn’t just become another tear-jerker,” said Sarla Bijapurkar, sociologist.


Ranjona Banerji
Ayaz Memon

Ranjona Banerji, senior journalist and contributing editor, MxMIndia, felt that sustainability is a challenge now. “A lot of times, after a hard-hitting start, many shows tend to bend towards populist themes. So, I hope the show doesn’t do that or run behind TRPs. The show will have the similar constituency of followers like Anna Hazare. Thus, change in a society might happen, but a lot will depend on how the show progresses from here.”


Agreeing with her is Ayaz Memon, veteran journalist and editor, who too believes that sustainability is a challenge the show will face if it wants to be different: “Very rarely do people want to watch ‘reality’, but the show was able to catch almost everyone’s attention on Sunday. Apart from sustainability, another challenge the show will have to overcome is how quickly it is able to capture the youth’s attention, because one doesn’t know what will happen after three weeks.”


If that’s not enough, Teesta Setalvad, journalist and activist feels that the show was great, but there were loopholes in it too. “For instance, in the show Aamir Khan said that he will write a letter to the CM, but in reality he can’t do much about it. It’s the chief justice who can make a difference and take action. Also it didn’t tell people where to go when such issues happen, no matter how weak the organization might be. Apart from that, the show was excellent and a good start in creating awareness.”


Photograph: Video grab from SatyamevJayate.in



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