Debrief: Havells Fans: Masterstroke!

03 May,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Very smart of Havells to rope in veteran actor Rajesh Khanna for their new ad for fans. And the treatment is cool too. I am usually not a fan of celebrity advertising, but this particular one simply rocks.


The ad features Khanna boasting that the winds of change may blow, but that no one can take his fans away from him. A bit of an obvious pun on fans, but in this case it works. There are classical images of the star from his hey days as also from the present time. He even takes a thinly disguised dig at Bachchan, who dethroned the superstar in the seventies.


Here’s why this ad works for me: For one, getting Khanna back from his long exile is serious lateral thinking. It makes the TVC surprising, noticeable and clutter breaking.


The media has taken it up for coverage, and that’s a lot of free publicity for Havells. Imagine if they had used the done-to-death Big B. The ad would have passed by like Ogilvy’s ship in the dark. Also, the execution is pleasing. Khanna speaks with that famous drawl in the voice, a mixture of arrogance and self confidence. Something we identify with him. And his mannerisms are also the same. The laidback charm, the larger-than-life persona. Great stuff.


In short, all that good advertising should be. As a bonus, the commercial makes you want to watch Khanna’s classics all over again.


Rating: (On a scale of 1 to 5): 4. Surprising solution at its best.

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