Bindass to host ‘Generation Einstein’ tonight

11 May,2012

By A Correspondent [updated]


All roads lead to the Mahalaxmi racecourse today (Monday, May 14) as Bindass will launch the Indian edition of the very successful book ‘Generation Einstein’.  Co-authored by UTV Bindass along with the well-known international author and speaker Jeroen Boschma, the book is being launched in India keeping in mind the specifics of the Indian market and traces the emergence of a global generation in India, their likes, dislikes, lifestyle and what sets them apart from the others.

The Indian edition of Generation Einstein – authored by Samyak Chakraborty and Arjun Vednayagam – also goes on to explain the communication strategies that marketers could adopt in reaching out to the youth with the help of India-specific case-studies like Tata Docomo, Bindass, Virgin Mobile and many more.

The book describes a new generation, ‘Generation Einstein’ that was born during the last decade of the previous century. It also stresses upon the significance of the youth as an important part of the market and how fast the new generation understands the world better than anyone else. The book attempts to decode this generation and help marketers reach out to them.


Commenting on the association of Bindass on the launch of book, Kunal Mukherjee, Director-Marketing, UTV & Bindass Networks, said: “Bindass being a 360-degree youth brand continuously looks out for avenues to work with people who engage or reach out to the youth in various ways. Generation Einstein 3.0 provides an insightful look into the working of the youth’s minds, how they make choices, evaluate mediums and more importantly how to establish a connect with them as equals. One of the hardest things to do for any brand today is to get their communication across to the youth and Generation Einstein helps each of us do just that as we decode the youth step by step.”

The book will also throw light on the new age communication strategies like “Increation’ which is a more effective method of communicating with a youth segment. The new methodology of research – Increation involves putting many ideas to test, then trying to use the reactions to narrow down the ideas. The researcher will look for overlaps on what connects to solutions…leading to that one big insight that results into that one big idea.

Young people are ultimately suited to working with increation projects. They are extremely creative because of the world in which they live and their present stage of life.

Entry to the event, which is being organised in association with MxMIndia, is by invitation only. It will be followed by cocktails and dinner.


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2 responses to “Bindass to host ‘Generation Einstein’ tonight”

  1. anuj gurnani says:

    how do we get the book ?

  2. Sanjeevslehria says:

    Congratulations Samyak and Arjun

    from Sanjeev Slehria ( Uncle )

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