Aspiration of the middle rung consumers in Hindi heartland are evolving rapidly: Draft FCB Ulka Study

14 May,2012

A Draft FCB Ulka Advertising study throws light on the ‘Rising aspiration of the Hindi heartland woman’. The agency conducted a survey of Hindi Magazine editorials, first in 2008 and then in 2011. In each round, around 24 issues of the top-selling six magazines were surveyed. These magazines primarily enjoy Sec B and C young housewives and R1, R2 student readership. The editorial content showed the following trends:


1. In both the rounds, beauty and grooming related articles made up more than 20 per cent of the more than 400 articles surveyed in each round.


2. After beauty, stories related to movies, husband, food and children, work and success were the most popular subjects, way ahead of ‘relationship with inlaws’, ‘travel’, ‘interior decoration’ or other subjects.


3. After work and success stories, came articles on ‘sex’. There was, on the average, at least one article on this subject in each issue, e.g. Yoga for sex or foods that spoil sex.


4. The health and wellness stories made surge from a lowly 2-3 per cent in 2008 to more than 10 per cent in 2011.


5.Semiotics analysis of the pictures in the issues indicated a dramatic change from ‘woman in subordinate positions’ in 2008 to ‘playful, equal, woman in the lead (taking initiative in playful interaction)’ pictures in 2011.


6.The grooming pictures showed a change from only Indian fashion in 2008 to western – Indian fusion themes in 2011.


7. There was no coverage of current affairs in 2008. In 2011, current affairs made an entry into the topics covered by the magazines.


8. Beauty and grooming articles covered modern means to beauty such as lasers or plastic surgery.


The magazines included in the survey were Grihashobha, Meri Saheli, Sarita, Vanita and the like. The reader is unlikely to pay the substantial cover price of these magazines unless they resonate well with her life-view. These findings help in appreciating the rapidly evolving aspiration of the middle rung consumers in Hindi heartland.


(As shared by Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar, Sr. Vice President – Strategic Planning, Draftfcb + Ulka to Ritu Midha)


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