AdStrat | Tata Salt: Mothers for Mother India

14 May,2012

Kapil Mishra, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett


Name of the campaign/ad: Tata Salt – Mothers for Mother India


The brief:

The brief was very clear – to communicate the ‘Desh ka namak’ philosophy of Tata Salt.

‘Desh ka namak’ symbolizes the value of honesty, and the brief sought to take this forward in a very current context.


Research insights:

Tata Salt is built on the core value that is embedded in salt… ‘Honesty’. And it is this value that the brand is espousing at a time when the nation seems to be facing an honesty deficit. So, we examined the task at a dual level. First, a look at what honesty meant in today’s context.

Second, we looked at all the possible influences/ factors that determined the value of honesty in a person’s life.


The thought process behind the creative:

In a time where the relevance of honesty seems to be getting questioned – we felt it was time to once again seed honesty as a value. ‘Desh ka namak’ symbolizes the value of honesty…and children learn the first lessons of honesty from their mothers. Thus, we looked at salt as that symbol of honesty which mothers feed their children.

The very simple and powerful idea being – that if every mother were to decide that she would teach her child the virtue of being honest, nothing could stop the entire nation from being honest!


Media vehicles chosen: Televison, POS, on-ground.


What according to you is the differentiating factor about the ad:

It’s a very simple, yet powerful tribute to the singular, most powerful force responsible for inculcating the values of honesty – the mother.

Secondly, it does not try to preach. That, according to us, was an obvious trap for a virtue like honesty. By staying away from it, we felt that the campaign will be well received and resonate better with our consumers.


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