AdEx 2011-12: Print grows 14%, TV 11%, Radio 0%

09 May,2012


By A Correspondent


This is perhaps the shortest Big Story you’ve read in the eight-month existence of MxMIndia. But then more than words, it’s numbers that have got to do to the talking.


MxMIndia requested TAM Media Research which painstakingly computes data for ad volumes for the television, print and radio sectors. The growth figures are indicative of how these are doing: print isn’t down and out yet with 14%, TV is growing but it’s not as dramatic as we thought it would and Radio hasn’t degrown. In fact we must urge radio practitioners to interpret the 0% in a positive way because there were enough naysayers willing to rubbish the potential of the business.


Note: the analysis is based on ad , that is duration in seconds/CCMs and excludes promos.







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3 responses to “AdEx 2011-12: Print grows 14%, TV 11%, Radio 0%”

  1. CoolKarni says:

    One should note, that there has been growth in no. of TV channels & News Paper/ Magazines, but none of Radio since phase II. And no station can increase Ad time more than 20 mins an hour. simple isn’t it. Let TAM compare ad volumes keeping the same no. of TV channels & NW/Magzines. It’s the interpretation that makes life complicated. And that’s not Any Wonder …

    • SW says:

      An excellent insight.Just to extend this further, Radio is more of a tier II and III phenomenon wherein the local advertiser who probably is not being categorized in the mainstream business vertical.

  2. Subu says:

    Extremely interesting statistics here! While there are only a few commonalities between the 3 medium; there’s a stark contrast on the behavioral pattern amongst Sectors, Category, Advertiser & the Brands!! LITTLE wonder then, that India is probably the MOST COMPLICATED markets in the WORLD!!

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