Will Cricket Attax be a hit once again?

16 Apr,2012

By Tuhina Anand


In its first outing, Cricket Attax, the trading cards on Season 4 of IPL had become a rage among the kids. In fact, its success exceeded the expectation of Topps India Sports & Entertainment Company, the company that brought out the Cricket Attax playing cards.


However, the cards became somewhat a religion especially among the 6-13-years-old, who were busy stocking and trading a Sachin Tendulkar or Shane Warne. It is learnt that last year, the company made millions and that too in double digits. Riding on the last year’s success, ToppsIndiahas once again come out with Cricket Attax 2 to coincide with the IPL 5.


Talking about the product, Sanjeev Katyal, Country Head – Topps India Sports & Entertainment Company, said: “This is a seasonal product and cashes on the popularity of IPL. Last year was our first year with Cricket Attax and, encouraged by the success, we are hoping that this year we will do anything between 3 to 5 times more in terms of numbers. Keeping this as the target, we have tripled our distribution and the cards are available in modern trade, stationery and even in mom n pop stores.”


A pack of 5 cards is priced at Rs15 and as Mr Katyal points that pricing is the key here as affordability is something they kept in mind, considering the TG they are targeting. However, the cards have been given a fresh look as the children will be looking at new stats, thus giving a new look and feel to Cricket Attax 2.


The company has also come out with a new campaign to reach out to its TG, primarily television-led and Mr Katyal points that they have been among the largest spenders on TV in the gaming and toys category on the kids channels last year and will continue with it even this year.


Though refusing to put a number on their marketing spends, he divulged that they take around 800-900 GRPs.  He said, “For the TG that we want to connect with, TV gives us the maximum reach hence that’s the medium we ride on heavily.”


The communication for the TVC states “Hum IPL dekhte hi Nahin Khelte bhi hai boss”, thus conveying that these trading cards give an opportunity to the kids to not just watch the game of cricket but play with their favourite players  and be part of the game. Interestingly, Topps has planned an on-ground championship for Cricket Attax, thus creating a parallel tournament with IPL. The tournament began on April 21 in 9 IPL playing cities and will go to semi-finals and finals. The company has planned new product launches too this year.


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