We need to stop ranking ideas: Jayant Murty

20 Apr,2012

At the Advertising Conclave, Jayant Murty, Director of Strategy, Media and Integrated Marketing, Asia Pacific Region, Intel Corp presented his ideas on building brands in the era of multiple degrees of freedom. MxMIndia spoke to Mr Murty to gather his perspective on the festival and the role that marketers can essay at such events.


On Intel’s association with Goafest

A few of us, marketers, were invited here to share as to where do we think brands need to head and the kind of communication support it needs to get there. According to me, this is not a place to lecture but to engage in meaningful dialogue. Any speaker who speaks at such forums is good when they can bring in something radical and controversial that you can start a new kind of conversation. I am viewing this as: can I, as an individual, bring in something that can start a new conversation.


On digital as a way of life

One of the talking points today was digital and I do not think consumers look at life as being analog or digital or television or web. I think consumers are looking at things that inspire and interest them and it is up to marketers to figure at all points of time which medium will deliver that inspiration. What is important is that consumers, at any point in time, deal with multiple screens – computer, tablet, phone, television and the newspaper and as long as you understand and respect the fact that consumers have different expectations and you build content to make that screen as engaging and inspirational as possible, I think that’s what brands need to strive for in the future.


On the power of an idea

I think what we all need to do is stop ranking ideas. I do not think anybody can say that this idea is better than the other one. That’s because a great idea from one industry looks a little bit different from a good idea from another industry. And some, unfortunately, look fashionable and sexy than other ideas. I think it would be better if we stopped rating ideas. But what one must do diligently with all the ideas that we implement is see how they fared. Did people engage with them, did it build new fans, did it start conversations…and I think we need to become more analytical in our analysis rather than this public sentiment that this is a great idea and this is an average idea.

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