We’re here 2 get inspired & celebrate: Ajay Kakar

24 Apr,2012

Ajay Kakar, CMO-Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group shares his idea of the changes spotted this year at Goafest and the inspiration it has on the youth of today.


What’s there for clients at Goafest?

Goafest 2012 is a boiling pot for media, marketing and advertising industries to come together and think, discuss and get inspired. And I think 2012 was no exception.


Key takeaways from sessions…

Takeways remain the same: whatever you do, whoever you are there is so much more that you can do, there is so much work for you to get inspired and learn from. You go back thinking that whatever I have done, I have not done enough. We need to tap the real potential.


Emphasis on digital…

Digital has been given due focus for many years now. My one request or regret is that we should stop calling it digital and new medium; it is the medium of today and it will be the medium of tomorrow. How do we bring the potential upfront with the many success stories, I think that should be the focus going forward.


Recognition through awards…

Awards are just another recognition for marketers and agencies to do more better. This year, the number of entries, the number of agencies from which these entries came and the quality of entries have really done us proud. I think that’s the important part – it’s the work that we are here to get inspired by and celebrate. That’s been a great reality this year.


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