The Anchor: Tarun Goyal on 4 things that should change in the radio industry today

12 Apr,2012

By Tarun Goyal


1. Radio must have full-fledged news:

Radio should be allowed to air news freely. By allowing the private radio stations to air news limited to only AIR is not sufficient, radio is a local medium, it must be given a free hand to broadcast news.


2. Copyright issue must be resolved:

The Government of India must make the copyright policy clear. The government should come out with a formula on revenue share basis as this will change the way the dynamics of the industry. We are sharing 4 per cent of the revenue with the government ofIndia, so why can’t we share the revenues with the music companies? I believe this model can solve most problems facing the radio industry today especially in programming.


3. Government must be more supportive:

The government should be more supportive in formatting their policies for radio because the government spending on radio is not sufficient enough for the growth of the industry.


4. AROI should be more assertive

Although the AROI is functioning well, the change I would like to see is that AROI should pursue be more assertive in meeting the needs of the radio industry. The AROI must function more aggressively and the government should also take the body seriously as AROI is a body which was formed by the radio broadcasters.


Mr Tarun Goyal is the Founder, Director of Radio Chaska


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