The Anchor: Rahul Kishore on 5 reasons why Facebook is such a stressbuster at work

16 Apr,2012

By Rahul Kishore


Having joined Facebook four years back, and being active on it I can honestly say that not only is it a great stress buster at work…but helps me stay focused all day. The reasons are many…


1. It cuts out other forms of relief which are detrimental to one’s health

Smoking for example and endless cups of coffee or both. I don’t need to walk out to the terrace in dusty Gurgaon to look around while taking puffs out of a cigarette. Nor do I need caffeine to get me through. I don’t smoke though…


2. It helps me stay in touch with my friends and some important associates

Feel the need for a chat? Just log in…of the 15 odd friends logged in, you will definitely find a reason to chat with atleast two, if not three…this chat could at best be five minutes. Sometimes with more than one person…Lightens the mood and energizes one to get back to work with gusto.


3. Helps me stay young

While reading others’ status updates you are able to relate a lot more to the younger lot. Comment on something, and they fire back almost instantaneously. The repartee has to be swift and sharp. I win on most occasions…in fact all! 🙂


4. Good for a laugh

Laughter is the best stress buster of all. I see the photos and the updates and sometimes laugh uproariously. Women in catfights, people having babies just to get Facebook likes, reporting gynae visits, discussing exes…such fun! The things people do for Facebook!


5. Great way to stalk your exes

Others’ exes too…see how they shaped up 20 years later…how fat, how bald, how old they look. What are their kids like? Where do they party and holiday? Are you better off without them?


Rahul Kishore is Senior Vice President, Mogae Media


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