The Anchor: Anurag Gupta on 5 things that should change in internet advertising

05 Apr,2012

By Anurag Gupta


#1 I would like the internet to be regarded as mainstream media, sooner rather than later. It is inevitable that digital advertising will overtake other media like television in revenues. This has already happened in many other countries and I would like this to happen in India as well. Digital advertising today contributes to as little as 3-4 percent of total media spends; I would like this to zoom to double digits over the next two years.


#2 Unfortunately since ‘content’ is easily available online and it is free, we are seeing a huge devaluation of the value of content in the online world. I would like online content to get its due from the advertisers. I would like to see the demand for internet media not only driving up pricing, but also create a situation where some internet media companies start selling at premium rates and shed their discount pricing tag.


#3 Today digital advertising is predominantly sold as ‘performance’ media. I reckon more than 70 percent of all digital advertising happens for performance, and this segment is growing faster than brand advertising spends. While I personally love performance advertising and my company DGM India is at the forefront of delivering ROI to advertisers, I would like to see much more brand budget being allocated to the internet.


#4 The internet is one of the most measurable advertising media. I would definitely like advertisers to be willing to pay for using cutting edge technology that can monitor and measure their internet spends in a better manner which goes beyond just impressions and clicks. For example, I have routinely seen advertisers who spend large amounts on digital advertising using free tools like Google Analytics when it comes to measurement.


#5 I would like to see the emergence of global Indian media companies in the digital space operating at the scales of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Anurag Gupta is the Managing Director, DGM India Internet Marketing Pvt Ltd.


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