Anil Thakraney’s 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Goafest

20 Apr,2012

By Anil Thakraney


I am not doing Goa this year. Though I did attend the fest some years ago, and noticed that the participants need to do a few things differently in order to make better use of the event. Here’s my list of suggestions, if you are en route to Goa:


1. Carry a permanent black marker with you. And if you notice a scam ad pasted in the exhibition area, write in full caps on top of that entry: SCAM. Do it even if YOU submitted that particular entry. There has to come a time when the ad world outgrows this charade. So why not begin the shubh karya this year?


2. If you are sloshed and hugely fed and have to attend a speech by one of those luminaries, I suggest you try and grab a seat at the rear. Don’t try to please your boss and diligently head for the front row. There are other ways to suck up. And I say this because if the presenter turns out to be too sleep-inducing, you can make a quiet escape from the rear without being noticed. This is much better than being caught yawning. I do this at every speech I attend, and it’s served me well in life.


3. Gherao the organizers and demand that they find a way to break the ice with Lowe. Even better, do this after downing six large pegs. It’s critical that all leading ad agencies take part so that Goafest can become a truly meaningful awards event.


4. Please don’t hang around the entire time with colleagues from your own office. That is stupid. You do that back home anyways. Here’s an opportunity to meet with colleagues from rival agencies and from other cities, to forge new alliances. And if you are really lucky, she may even slip in her room key into the sandy pocket of your Bermuda shorts.


5. This is for the suits: Please DO NOT wear floral shirts. It’s much too pretentious, wannabe and desperate. Stick to semi-casuals. You will be appreciated for that.


6. Please say a warm hello to Piyush Pandey. In Hindi, of course. And claim that you’ve just arrived from Etawah or Allahabad or Kanpur or Varanasi or Kumaon. You may land a job at O&M. On the spot.


7. Please hang around in Goa (at your cost, of course) for an extra day. You could check into a seedy hotel and spend the day ogling at the Russian chicks on Anjuna beach. Not only will this be fun, it does not make sense for 3000 delegates to exit Goa on the same day. The Goa airport, even on uneventful days, is quite chaotic. Post Goafest, it becomes a bloody nightmare.


Have a good time! Cheers!


Anil Thakraney wrote this as part of his Hard Knocks blog. We thought it’s just right for the Anchor – Ed

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