The Anchor: 6 things to keep in mind while looking for discounts online

17 Apr,2012

By Rama Jamili


Investing our hard-earned money is very important, especially when we want to buy something tangible. Nowadays, people are worried when it comes to online shopping. But we can’t ignore the fact that online shopping gives us more discounts and privileges to get the right products into our homes, even without stepping out of our doors. Price is the primary factor when we do online shopping. Here are 6 things to keep in mind when we go for discounts online.


1) Quality:

While purchasing any product, quality of the product is of prime importance for the customers. Hence, maintenance of quality of each and every product is valued more by the online retailers, because we are more focused on retention of customers. Description and specifications of the products can be checked before selecting any product. If the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, they can first check the product and then only buy it. Online shopping also has options of cash back in case the buyer finds any damages or faults with respect to the quality of the product.


2) Time period for product delivery:

Delivery of the product within stipulated time is another important factor while shopping online. Many websites offer buffer delivery time, like delivery can be made within 2-3 working days, but the product reaches the customers within a day, which definitely creates a good impression in the buyers’ mind. In today’s busy world, where people don’t have time to go out and shop, online shopping is the best option for buying/sending gifts for birthdays/anniversaries and so on. Online shopping with discounts and proper delivery of the product attracts more Indian customers.


3) Variety of products:

More discounts will be available when wide variety of products is offered in online shopping. The advantages are, first, it attracts more customers as there is choice. Second, online retailers provide an option to compare prices of different brands or different models.


4) Guarantee/ Warranty:

The next big question for most of the buyers, if they are buying discount products online they are not sure of ‘guarantee /warranty’ of the product. Despite mentioning about the products warranty, for example if it’s a mobile then the warranty period will be mentioned. All customers should check the warranty and provide proper email id so that there is always a proof with them about the product. Still, if the product bought online has any defects; the product can be repaired or exchanged.


5) Mode of payment:

Another important factor is mode of payment for the products purchased online. Some people are worried about the quality of the product or what if it is damaged or if they buy a fake product. This fear can be removed by inclusion of Cash on delivery (COD), which is the most preferred option. Other options available are Credit card, debit card, VISA and others. Easy refundable clause is also prior concern to the customers.


6) Free shipping:

Free shipping is another factor which buyers generally look for to save cost. Shipping cost would again add up more to the amount paid for particular product which generally bothers the buyers. Online websites providing free shipping attracts more buyers to discounts of products where retailers are making it easy for buyers to shop online.


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