The Anchor: Robby Mathew on 6 reasons why life of a creative is different from that of others

18 Apr,2012

By Robby Mathew


1. Most jobs are about patterns where the endeavour is to master the pattern. You do the same thing repeatedly till you are good at it. In creative, every day is new. You don’t know what marketing problem is going to be thrown at you. You have to relearn everything, every single day.


2. Creative is the business for young people. In creative you start ‘losing it’ as you grow older, unless you make a conscious decision to stay young/ stupid/curious/eager/brave.


3. Creative people have to be complex (like the colour white which includes all colours). Creativity allows for paradox, light, shadow, inconsistency, even chaos – and creative people have to experience extremes with equal intensity.


4. Here in this field you can give birth to an idea, nurture it and make it big. And then, like a proud parent, you can show it to the whole world. How many other careers can offer that???


5. In the creative business you don’t need any qualifications to shine. The idea is a great leveller.  A college drop out with a fertile mind can outshine a business school star in no time.


6. In creative, you are only as good as your last job. Nothing keeps you on your toes like a job in any creative function.


Robby Mathew is NCD, Interface Communications


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