The Anchor: Madhu Trehan on 5 things on TV that must be washed out quick

25 Apr,2012

By Madhu Trehan


1. Remove all partisan propaganda placed by party in power from Doordarshan

This is a television channel funded by tax payers’ money. It is used as a private channel by all parties in power, promoting themselves and their self serving “news”. It has the largest reach and must be used for public benefit, not for any political party’s propaganda.


2. Remove soap operas that promote women who are subservient to in-laws and husband.

Kill the demure, sly intrigue and show strong women who stand up for themselves and call the shots.


3. Remove ads that show speeding cars and motorcycles as cool.

Make it hip to drive slow and carefully.


4 .Remove ads that require “Don’t try this at home”.

Warning is flashed so fast that you can’t read it and many are too young to read. Too many incidents where kids have tried stunts at home and died.


5. Remove ads which show you can buy affection by giving gifts of diamonds, cars, etc.

It inculcates a distorted image of what relationships require and degenerates into propaganda that promotes crass materialism. Creates shallow values instantly.


Veteran journalist Madhu Trehan is now Director, Newslaundry (


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