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20 Apr,2012

By Shashi Sinha


The Conclave got off to a rousing start yesterday. The sessions this year were in a different format from last time, where we had a few international speakers. What’s working is the international case studies that were being presented by several international leaders. There is a common theme running this year where it is not about digital, it is not about activations but about larger ideas which can be made popular and which people can use as a part of their journey. They don’t necessarily have to embrace the content, but they can embrace an idea and they can exploit it as per their wishes. So there is a consistency in the way in which the sessions have been rolled out.


One of the moving sessions was by Tim Love of Omnicom, who expressed how ideas multiply when you connect with them in different ways. So, while there was a common theme this year at the Conclave, each one was different and had their own theories to present. Personally, this format works better than the format we had last year, where we had presenters coming and discussing internal issues like recession and so on, which were good to an extent but there is a newness that is needed every year and that was what has been achieved at the Conclave this year.


This enables a level of conceptual thinking that is needed behind every idea. So, all in all, it was a good day to start with as there were not too many sessions and there were less but effective presentations.


The Conclave saw some big international marketers from Coca Cola and Intel discuss the way ahead for the industry, but the sessions on Saturday will see some key and large marketers from India shedding light on mantras and ideas for a better tomorrow. I think from an organiser’s point of view, not only getting them to interact but also present their point of view is what will make it a different experience for the delegates this year.


As for the awards that would begin from today, we are proud to have received tremendous amount of participation from agencies, but I think still that the scale could have been bigger. That is what we will attempt to do next year. This year there was a delay in the forms being dispersed and so on, so it requires evangelisation and we need to sell the idea and concepts well. But it is a very good beginning; you will see the results on Saturday.


Net-net, I think, this year we have managed to get some high quality marketers to come and share their mantras. Second, the whole theme around the power of ideas has been simplified and has been presented in an enlightening way to the delegates. A lot of people were saying it is all about digital; but that is not the case. It is about an idea and how you magnify an idea. Third, and last, everyone keeps talking about co-creation of ideas but it is not about that – it is about how consumers embrace ideas. Delegates can look forward to more empowering sessions in the two days, especially the young turks from the industry.


Shashi Sinha is CEO, Lodestar UM. He is also President of the Advertising Club Bombay and Chairperson of the Goafest Awards Governing Council.

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