RAMcheck: No change in #1 stations across RAM markets

10 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


TAM Media’s Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) – which covers four key metros, Mumbai,Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru – released its latest radio listenership figures for Wk 8 to Wk11 (Last two weeks of February 2012 and first two weeks of March 2012).


According to the latest RAM data, for listeners of 12 years of age and above, all places of listening, and according to radio channel shares,RadioCity, Radio Mirchi, Fever FM, Big FM, Red FM, Radio One, Oye! FM were some of the top FM stations in the big four metros.


WhileRadioCityretained its leadership position in Mumbai and Bengaluru, Fever FM and Radio Mirchi also continued to remain the leading FM stations inDelhiand Kolkata respectively.



RadioCitycontinues to be the most popular FM station in Mumbai, as the FM station has maintained its leadership position in the city. Ranked second is Radio Mirchi followed by AIR FM2 Gold, Fever FM and Big FM which are ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively. These top five FM stations and Red FM, ranked sixth have secured their listenership share in double digits. The other FM stations in the city include Oye! FM, Radio One, AIR FM1 Rainbow, Vividh Bharati and Akashavani Mumbai.




According to the Wk8 to Wk 11 RAM data, Fever FM has once again retained its leadership position inDelhiwith a listenership share of 18.6 per cent followed by AIR FM2 Gold which garnered a share of 18.5 per cent. Although Fever FM is the number one FM station ofDelhi, the government owned AIR FM2 Gold is a close second. What remains to be seen is whether Fever FM is able to widen the gap between the number one and number two FM station? Or will AIR FM2 Gold claim the leadership title?  Once the undisputed leader ofDelhi, Radio Mirchi is now ranked three with a share of 15.2 per cent followed byRadioCityand Red FM with a share of 12.3 per cent respectively. The top five FM stations have received their station share in double digits. The other cluster of FM stations inDelhiincludes Oye! FM, Radio One, AIR FM1 Rainbow, Hit FM, Vividh Bharati and Akashvani Mumbai.




RadioCitymaintained its leadership position in Bengaluru with a share of 26 per cent, its nearest rival Radio Mirchi, on the other hand, received a share of 21.7 per cent. Ranked three is Big FM with a share of 17.6 per cent followed by Red FM which received a share of 12.8 per cent. While the top four FM radio stations in Bengaluru received a double digit share, AIR FM1 Rainbow which is ranked five received a share of 6.1 per cent. The other clusters of FM station in the city are Fever FM, Radio One, Radio Indigo, Gyan Vani, Akashavani and Vividh Bharati.




The top five FM stations of Kolkata continue to remain the same. Radio Mirchi is unanimously the most popular FM station in Kolkata with a whopping 22.9 per cent of the station share. Its nearest rival is Big FM which received a share of 16.8 per cent followed by Friends FM and Aamar FM which are ranked four and five respectively. Kolkata is the only RAM market which perhaps has not seen a change in the top four rankings in a long time. While Fever FM and Red FM are ranked five and six respectively, other clusters of FM station in Kolkata are Oye! FM, Radio One, Power FM, AIR FM1 Rainbow, AIR FM2 Gold, Vividh Bharati and Akashavani Kolkata.


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