Need more clients to be at Goafest: Sanjay Behl

21 Apr,2012

It has been a fruitful start to the event for Sanjay Behl, CEO – Reliance DTH & IPTV at Reliance Communications. Particularly the focus that Goafest has lent towards the medium of the future, digital. MxM India asks Behl for his ideas on the event and the secret to bagging multiple awards.


How would you rate the awards that have been bagged by agencies on behalf of Reliance?

Reliance has won one gold and two silvers and I am very delighted by the performance put up by the whole team. This space that we won the awards in will go on to become more relevant in the future because most of the awards that we have won are first immersions of communities and how we have been able to activate this far beyond the conventional media. That is what is really is a delight factor for me. Going forward this is going to be the medium where real brand engagement is going to happen.


Could you delve on a few takeouts from today’s sessions?

Some sessions were very relevant. They had got some of the best speakers to speak on the subject like Jonathan Mildenhall of Coca-cola and the examples that were shared were so inspiring that I think they will inspire the entire marketing and advertising fraternity of India. We need to learn to customise ideas to the Indian environment and use it properly.


How do you view the involvement of the youth this year at Goafest?

It’s great to see a lot of youngsters go up to pick awards. One of the questions that I wanted to ask Jonathan today was: should 35+ age group people who are digital immigrants hand over the baton to digital natives, which are the younger lot. So clearly, it is delightful to see so many youngsters around.


Are you content with the response that Digital is attracting here?

Digital will be a platform that will become the most important one for the marketing community going forward, for customer experiences going forward, for brand engagement going forward…so clearly choosing that as the basic theme is the way forward for the industry.


What do you look forward to in the future for this event?

If I were to add one thing to the entire relevance that is being created is to get a lot more corporate and clients immersing with the creativity of the content which is largely with the advertising agencies right now. So I do not see much attendance coming from the business side and if I could see immersion of about at least 35 per cent from clients’ side and about 65 per cent from content creators’ side then that would be great.


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