Need for industry leaders to deliberate on biz of advertising: Sam Balsara

23 Apr,2012

Always the one with the questions, Madison’s Sam Balsara was his usual self at the sessions as he questioned a few ideas and provided his solutions on the same. MxMIndia got Mr Balsara to briefly share his stance on the sessions this year and sought his recommendations for Goafest 2013.


What would be the takeaways from the sessions over the three days?

I think the sessions this year have been excellent; the quality of speakers has been high this year. I think it’s all credit to the growing brand equity of Goafest that we have been able to attract so many international speakers of repute. There have been some good broad learnings; it’s not that we didn’t know about them but these speakers of stature have reinforced the belief that advertising is moving from one to many – from conversations to stories. Clearly digital seems to be the mantra of today. The sessions were woven around the magic of advertising, I think John Philip Jones came out with a refreshing and different quantitative view on how not to get carried away on what you think and I think are the required numbers. His basic message of not having share of voice or a good share of the market means that you are getting into a dangerous area. I think it is pretty important for many brands inIndiato take note of.


A word on the Media Abby awards held this year…

Though we did emerge a big winner, I think the enthusiasm among the crowd was low compared to the earlier years. This possibly may be due to the awards being distributed far more in quantity this time – but this is a good thing for the industry and will encourage more participation.


What are your recommendations for 2013 to the Goafest committee?

A significant recommendation that I have is more related to the Business Conclave, which I feel needs to be relooked at. The original idea of a business conclave is for a few industry leaders across the spectrum of advertising, media agencies and so on to sit together in a roundtable and discuss the issues of business of advertising and how to make it profitable. Also, we need to invest more in talent and learning. Right now I think it has become an extension of the sessions and we need a sharp a dividing line between the business of the advertising seminar and the knowledge seminar. I think we need to bring that back.


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  1. PM says:

    i ask myself this question – so what is the largest source of income for the advertising industry ? and what is being done at a forum like Goafest to talk about this & how to grow that significantly? or is this subject a case of ‘ each to their own ‘ ? i think Sam is right and spot on, in his comment that select industry leaders need to sit together and discuss this and see if they can come up with some answers. Goafest is good for an industry knees up but certain critical takeaways need to be there with regard to a focus on the bottom line, which is what pays for it all and attracts more talented people !