Narendra Nag on 5 reasons why no marketing campaign can do without social

27 Apr,2012

By Narendra Nag


1. Your audience is online: 58 million Indians are on Facebook and half of them log in everyday. Younger people, usually the most attractive demographic for brands, spend more time on Facebook than they do reading the newspaper or watching TV.


2. People don’t easily believe what brands tell them any longer – but they do trust what they hear/read about from real people. So, a blogger or someone of Twitter has more influence on purchase decisions than an ad on TV.


3. Apple, mobile phones, health and wellness products/services, luxury brands and car/bike brands have it easy – people like to say nice things about them. For everybody else, pretty much the only time somebody mentions their washing machine or microwave is when it isn’t working. To combat all that negative sentiment, your marketing campaign needs to be social in nature – connecting with people over something they care about.


4. Social stretches out each marketing rupee to the max. That event you’re doing at the mall, promote it on social and you’ll get a lot more people involved and engaged. That ad campaign on TV – don’t just show the ad on YouTube, create a social campaign that goes on a lot longer than the four weeks your ads on TV.


5. If you’re not social, you’re dead. Brands no longer get to tell consumers what to make of them, audiences who’ve never bought the product are defining what a brand stands for. If you’re still thinking communication, your brand is dying a slow death. Start listening and participating in conversations to get a handle on what your brand truly means.


Narendra Nag is Co-Lead, MSLGROUP India Social


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