Mobile is medium not just to connect, but to engage & inform: N Rajaram

21 Apr,2012

How would you rate the outcome of your session with You Tube’s Lucas Watson? What is the future you foresee for the medium of digital?

What came through, very interestingly, was the role of video in digital. Traditionally, we have all been talking about search and text-based online marketing but what we have now seen is the power of video, as video is all about sight, sound and motion. It has been found to be a compelling medium for people to stay connected and be persuaded.


What is the role that mobile will essay as we move forward?

Clearly for us mobile is going to be one of the key drivers for adoption of internet in the country. I don’t think fixed line is going to expand its base in the country, and this actually happens everywhere. With the advent of smartphones and with the kind of mobile technology available we will soon see a lot of people across the country accessing internet for the first time on the phone and that’s an opportunity for us to explore. So we must look at the phone not just as a medium to connect but also as a medium to engage and a medium for information.


Do you think advertising on mobile lacks creativity?

I think a large challenge is the availability of devices, as less than 10 per cent of the people in this country own smartphones, and therefore the capability that exists today are not rich. The kind of creativity that you see on mobile tends to be more text and base level media stuff and is not as rich as you would expect. But as we begin to look at more advanced smartphones coming in, the opportunity will increase.


With the coming of 4G, what is Airtel’s gameplan for the medium?

I wouldn’t like to comment anything on that at this point in time.


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