[MJR] Breakfast with Bollywood and other abominations

04 Apr,2012

By Ranjona Banerji


Suppose (warning, blasphemy follows) you’re the kind of person who doesn’t manage to read a newspaper in the morning before you leave for work so you keep the TV on to get the latest through “breakfast news”.


This is what I found out today: Katy Perry sang and danced and was looking for curry and something in India, said NDTV.  IPL season 5 starts with a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Ravi Shastri said Chennai was going to win and Moody said Mumbai was going to win, both on Times Now. Headlines Today said that Akshay Kumar is acting in a new film directed by Prabhu Deva called Rowdy something.


Given the high drama on TV the night before over the $10 million bounty on Hafiz Saeed’s head placed by the US, I foolishly thought (it’s amazing how foolish I feel when I watch TV) that there would be some more on that. Not on Times Now at any rate.


NDTV had a thought-provoking report on trafficking of young girls and women from West Bengal, being led into brothels in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. Anderson Cooper 360 was largely focused on the Republican primaries. The BBC was on Newsday, so that’s bits from here and there, with plenty on China and something on the new James Bond film (I didn’t stop long enough to watch that, had had enough of films thanks to Headlines Today).


That left CNN-IBN who told me everything I wanted to know about Hafiz Saeed and Pakistan’s reaction to the US bounty.


My grouse therefore is that I was wrong yesterday for castigating newspaper websites for being too full of cricket and Bollywood and giving TV a clean chit. Or is my grouse that websites are deceptive? Something like that.


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