Lonely Planet Magazine India announces Travel Awards 2012

30 Apr,2012

By A Correspondent


Lonely Planet Magazine, India has announced its first Travel Awards, which celebrate the best travel experiences available to Indians, and anoint the best service providers, the preferred places to stay and the destinations Indians most love to visit.


Lonely Planet is recognised as the traveller’s best friend the world over, and as the flag-bearers of this brand in India. The team felt that there wasn’t yet a credible benchmark in the country. There was nothing to measure the standards the increasingly sophisticated Indian traveller has come to expect.


The aim of the awards is two-fold. One, to celebrate those who are giving the Indian traveller the experience he or she wants. Two, to spur non-winners to do better still, to provide a richer experience and please the Indian traveller; and in doing so, to aim for the trophy next year.


The ethos is simple – if, and only if, the Indian traveller is satisfied and happy with what you have laid out, will you win the trophy.


The team believes the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2012 will provide the benchmark Indian travellers are looking for. The winners will become part of an exclusive club of travel facilitators, hotels and destinations that Indians love and will return to.


The winners were chosen by readers for the benefit of other readers. Voting was through a reader poll (online and in the magazine); there were 39 categories to choose a winner in, making these the most extensive and industry-wide awards yet seen.


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